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Data science - The future of India

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    There has been a considerable surge in IT employment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A data scientist today holds one of the most critical occupations. This professional profile converts large amounts of data into valuable information, enabling decision-makers to base their decisions on factual knowledge. It helps with data analysis and interpretation, aiding organisations in developing the most effective plans of action. 

    By 2026, the market anticipates a 46% growth in job opportunities for data science specialists, with jon profiles like- 

    1. Data scientist 
    1. Data engineer 
    1. Data analyst 
    1. Data Architect 
    1. AI/ML engineer 
    1. Business intelligence developer and more. 

    Short-term data science courses will draw an increasing number of students in the future. During the lockout, the popularity of MOOCs has aided professionals in learning data science and developing their expertise. An online data science course is one of the best ways to learn Data Science. 1stepGrow Academy is the top platform to offer the best data science course in Bangalore. 

    This data science and ai course offers data science projects with ML models and Artificial intelligence. You will learn and develop crucial tech – skills like python programming language, R programming language, Linear algebra & statistics, ANOVA, Hypothesis testing, Machine learning, and Deep Learning. This is an advance online data science course for working professionals. It is the most promising data science course. 

    Be future ready as a data scientist with 1StepGrow. You will develop key skills with the following facilities-  

    • 100% live training on tools and concepts of data science 
    • IBM certification 
    • Project certification from AI Startups 
    • 25+ real-time industry projects (From 6 different industries) 
    • 5+ Industry aligned capstone projects 
    • 3 years subscription to live online training 
    • Experts & hiring managers who guide you on interview skills 
    • Profiling, Career mentoring, Resume assistance, Interview preparations, and Job reference 

    Be an agile and resilient data scientist. Master Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI with actual job experience and ace interviews with top companies like Cred, Samsung, Infosys, Cognizant, Accenture etc. 

    The future of data science is bright, and with increased applications across domains, its prospects are immense. Along with this online data science course in Bangalore, you’re not restricted to learn and join this data science course from anywhere to have a bright future where artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science will contribute towards a higher level and intelligent decision-making for businesses. 


    For more information with regards to data science courses stay connected with us on our website: - https://1stepgrow.com/course/advance-data-science-and-artificial-intelligence-course/ 

    Contact number:- (+91) 8951240606 

    Email id:- enquiry@1stepgrow.com 

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