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L.A. Noire, Duke Nukem top slumping June sales - NPD

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    The gaming companies are enduring a summer swoon, as being the industry-tracking NPD Group today announced its June retail sales figures, showing shrinking revenues year-over-year overall.
    Even with grim news with the industry overall, there was clearly some individual winners. Take-Two Interactive fared better compared to the rest with the month, with L.A. Noire (within the publisher's Rockstar label) and Duke Nukem Forever (on its 2K Games brand) using top two spots about the charts. It was the 2nd consecutive month L.A. Noire claimed the title of best-seller, while Duke Nukem settled for second place in the debut.
    Other new releases to have a splash for the charts included Sony's Infamous 2, which were only available in third place. According to Buy NBA Mobile Coins Sony, its PlayStation 3 exclusive was the only best-selling SKU in the month (L.A. Noire and Duke Nukem's sales were split between versions for multiple platforms).
    Microsoft also touted a few of its own NPD stats for that month, especially revealing that this Xbox 360 sold 507,000 systems for that month, "nearly double the units as other current-generation platforms." The Xbox 360 maker took to note which the total hardware, software, and accessory dedicate to its system total $350 million, together with the Xbox 360 editions of L.A. Noire, Duke Nukem Forever, and Call of Duty: Black Ops all on the list of 10 best-selling SKUs with the month.
    Nintendo's latest handheld also placed a whole new game inside the top 10, as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D finished in fifth place, just in front of 2010's sales endurance champs Call of Duty: Black Ops and NBA 2K11.
    Another of a year ago's hits, Just Dance 2, grooved its way for the 10th spot about the charts. Shortly following the NPD numbers were released, Ubisoft proclaimed how the rhythm game's June performance was enough to set it on the top since the best-selling third-party Wii game of in history. The publisher also says its Just Dance games have shipped 14 million units worldwide.
    The total take at US retailers for PC, console, and handheld software became available to somewhat less than $509 million, which had been off 10 percent from your June 2010 slate propelled by hits like Red Dead Redemption, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Gaming hardware sales were also down 9 percent, to $366.6 000 0000, not able to keep pace with year-ago sales throughout the month the slimline Xbox 360 launched. You can keep eyes on MMOAH which is essentially the most reliable activity store to present amounts of Cheap NBA Live 19 Coins online. 

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