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5 Questions to Make on Your First Date

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    Do you appreciate or cringe when you hear "First date"? First dates can be uncomfortable, disconcerting, thrilling, disastrous, excellent, etc.

    This differentiation is heavily influenced by your first impressions and how well you interact with the other individual. Playing odd, entertaining activities like the rice purity test can help make your first date memorable. You will each be asked 100 questions in this quiz game. You can both know the other's purity score as a result.

    1) What Makes You Unique?

    Even though it might seem obvious, the greatest way to start a discussion with someone is to talk about yourself. Ask them about their hobbies and interests.

    Do they favor dancing, reading, athletics, or being outside? If the date goes well, you might find a shared interest that could be the basis for a request for a future date.

    2) Fascinating Things About Yourself

    Finding out something about someone that might not ordinarily come up in casual conversation is a great way to get to know them. 

    Given that you are aware of their interests, inquire with them about any outrageous or unusual experiences they may have had, such as being on television.

    3) What Do You Wish You Were Better At or Would Like to Learn?

    What aspirations do you have? There are numerous ways to answer this question. Asking them whether there is anything specific they wish to learn or practice raises this problem to a new level.

    4) Would You Rather?

    Would you rather... questions are a great choice when going on a first date. You may make the questions as superficial, insightful, or foolish as you like, making them great icebreakers since you might need each response.

    you rather go to the beach or the highlands? Would you only drink coffee or soda for the rest of your life? Find yourself stuck on a roller coaster or utterly lost in a sizable theme park.

    5) Do You Have Any Jokes?

    You can tell whether someone is joking if they can tell you something that makes them chuckle. Laughing together at a bad "dad joke" is another way to break the ice and make you feel more at ease with someone.

    Final Words

    The first date is awkward and nervous since you are unsure of what to ask a total stranger. Playing enjoyable games to start a discussion is the finest method to get to know one another. Choose the rice purity test as your quiz game, then take pleasure in your first date. 

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