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The Future: No-Code Business Intelligence Platform & AI

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    The idea that you could build and use an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-based solution without being a data scientist is fascinating for both small and large businesses, giving their employees more power while putting more resources into more complex projects.


    We don’t need to add how important data is in modern times. 


    As businesses look for ways to use AI in a no-code Business Intelligence platform, they are sometimes put off by the high costs and need for specialized knowledge. But no AI and Machine Learning code solutions changed the situation. No code AI helped cut costs by a lot because it stopped people from making AI software from scratch. No longer do businesses need to know a lot about coding to get all the benefits that AI brings. 


    Using Grow's no-code analytics platform with AI/ML algorithms behind the scenes helps with analytics and decision-making without requiring customers to write any code. This way, people who don't have a technical background or know how to code can use it. 


    In this blog, we discuss the idea of AI that doesn't need any programming.

    What are the benefits of No-code Business Intelligence with AI?


    In the last four years, technology has grown by 270%. However, surveys show that less than 40% of large companies have adopted AI, and the numbers for smaller companies are even worse. It means that even with AI, to know the value of data in business, no code data analytics still has a long way to go. 


    1.Easy to fit in. With no-code AI, platforms and modules that can be combined have become the easiest way to match legacy software and work around the problems that come with it not being made just for you. Most of the time, developers of no-code AI software can reach this goal and create a product that can meet the specific needs of businesses. 


    2.Speed and the use of robots. AI can easily automate tasks that are done over and over again, like validating contacts, filling out forms, sorting documents, billing, and more. More than half of the executives surveyed by PwC said that using AI made them more productive at work. 


    Another research estimates that development time can be reduced by up to 90 percent when using a low-code or no-code platform for an application.


    3.Costs will go down. Custom AI-based solutions cost several times more, usually require hiring in-house engineers, and take a long time to get the team up to speed. No-code AI reduces costs and solves every other issue that comes with it. 


    4.Helps to bring Business Intelligence (BI) platforms to the market. 

    AI can gather and organize data faster and better than humans can, so it can be a significant link between business processes and the results that can be measured. No-code data visualization with AI can help businesses connect with BI dashboards.


    5.Automation. Companies that already have a data science team can use no-code data visualization with AI to help their data scientists focus on the most critical tasks. In contrast, business users can make predictions that don't require as much work on their own. No-code and AI could be a step toward using Data Science in a very different way in the future. 





    Simplify data-driven decision-making with Grow 


    With Grow’s "plug-and-play" no-code Business Intelligence platform, AI becomes more accessible to non-engineers who don't have the skills or time to build models from scratch. Complex operations become less intimidating and more complete.


    Still unsure about why to use our no-code Business Intelligence platform? Read here


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