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Substance abuse in adolescents can result in devastating consequences that last a lifetime if left unaddressed. Adolescent drug treatment centers near Des Moines must provide individualized treatment plans based on unique needs, personal struggles, and medical background. At Ember Recovery, an adolescent drug rehab program, we recognize that no two paths through recovery are identical. We use a range of individual, group, and family-based therapies to help teens recover from substance abuse, enabling them to go on to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Ember Recovery 32385 580th Ave. Cambridge, IA 50046 (515) 461-8556 My Official Website: https://emberrecovery.org/ Our Other Links: adolescent drug treatment centers near Des Moines: https://emberrecovery.org/premier-adolescent-drug-treatment-centers-near-des-moines-the-help-you-need/ adolescent alcohol rehab Iowa: https://emberrecovery.org/adolescent-alcohol-rehab-iowa-families-trust/ adolescent co-occurring residential drug treatment center: https://emberrecovery.org/adolescent-co-occurring-residential-drug-treatment-center-in-iowa/ adolescent drug rehab: https://emberrecovery.org/the-adolescent-drug-rehab-iowa-families-trust/ Service We Offer: adolescent drug treatment adolescent co-occurring residential drug treatment center adolescent intensive outpatient program near me adolescent partial hospitalization program near me adolescent alcohol rehab Iowa adolescent drug treatment residential programs for troubled youth teen addiction treatment teen alcohol treatment programs juvenile drug treatment programs inpatient treatment Follow Us On: Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmberRecovery Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/EmberRecovery/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emberrecovery/
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