Who Was Maria Montessori: All You Need To Know About The Pioneer

Posted by Royal Academy
Maria Montessori, a renowned Italian physician,an acclaimed educator, and a groundbreaking innovator, worldwide popular for her unique educational method. In this blog post,let’s know about her. Maria Montessori is generally known for the brilliant education method that helps the children to learn naturally. On January 6, 1907, she opened the school in Rome. This school was the first Montessori school in the entire world. Montessori or the Casa dei Bambini that is literallymeant as the Children’s House. This is why Montessori schools are best for the Toddlers and Preschool students. Royal Academy Montessori Preschool is a popular preschool in Brampton that offers a comprehensive education curriculum for the children from six months to five years old. Royal Daycare Center and Royal Preschool help in children’s learning experience. For more information please visit our site : https://www.royalacademydaycare.com/ #RoyalDaycare #PreschoolBrampton #RoyalAcademy #ToddlerandPreschool #RoyalDaycareCenter #RoyalPreschool #Brampton #Canada
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