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    Some coolest facts about WordPress.

    Want to create a unique and creative website with Wordpress?

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  • Happy 19th Birthday to WordPress the most beloved CMS!

    WordPress powers 35% of web users on the web which is approx 455 million active websites according to WordPress.com.

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    7 Top WordPress Security Tips And Tricks To Defy Website Hacking
    Check security tips and tricks to prevent your wordpress website development from the hackers, it will help you to remove the security risks and make your wordpress website security...  more
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  • World Web Technology Pvt Ltd is named as India's top-rated WordPress Developer for 2022 by Clutch.co. We were graded based on our industry experience, services, brand presence, and in-depth domain knowledge.

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  • Why Choose World Web Technology for WordPress Development?

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  • WordPress 5.9 is out now! It is a major update.

    WordPress 5.9 New Features

    => Blocks + intrinsic web design
    => Navigation menus
    => Interface for theme.json
    => Refining editing flows for block themes
    => New default theme
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