• Michelle Matusoff
    Reasons Behind Autism

    The research report shows that cannot specify the particular cause of autism, anything could be the reason as described below. Other than the over studies and paracetamol

    being one main cause of autism, there are sure possible...  more
  • Michelle Matusoff
    Giftedness is not Always a Gift
    It’s interesting that I would find myself advocating for the gifted, given my own adverse early experience with the gifted education program in grade school. Back then, the program was called Mentally Gifted Minors...  more
  • Michelle Matusoff
    What is Asperger’s Disorder
    Asperger’s syndrome is also known as a developmental disorder. who has Asperger's syndrome, that person has more difficulty with social skills and is passionate about one topic or performs with same behaviors all...  more
  • Michelle Matusoff
    Does my child have Anxiety Disorder?
    Anxiety disorders are usual psychiatric sickness that generally cause feelings of fear or distress in certain situations. Children—even very young children—are not immune to developing an anxiety disorder. If the...  more
  • Michelle Matusoff
    What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?
    However, their inability to read social cues makes it very difficult to sustain meaningful social relationships. For example, individuals with mild forms of ASD are often unable to understand body language, sarcasm, and...  more
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