• Astro  Nupur
    Qualities of Taurus ( Vrishabh)

    Welcome Taurus! Watchout new video 👉🏻 https://youtu.be/9nTTAGtL0Ls Qualities of TAURUS ( Vrishabh) Don't Forget to like/share/subscribe our channel on YouTube https://www.astronupur.com/love-affair-horoscope/ /> ...  more
  • Astro  Nupur
  • Astro  Nupur
    Rules Around an Aries
    Welcome #Aries ! Shine brightly and be guiding light to those who are lost.Follow astro nupur on social media or +91-9990992202.
    https://www.astronupur.com/love-affair-horoscope/ />
    #astrology #astronupur #horoscope #kundali ...  more
  • Pavitra Jyotish
    Venus Planet (Shukra Grah)

    In this video, top astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant talks about Venus planet, its religious significance as denoted astrologically, and some remedial measures to rid of problems associated with Venus.

    #Venus #Shukra...  more
    Venus Planet (Shukra Grah) - YouTube
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