• Michelle Matusoff
    Reasons Behind Autism

    The research report shows that cannot specify the particular cause of autism, anything could be the reason as described below. Other than the over studies and paracetamol

    being one main cause of autism, there are sure possible...  more
  • Michelle Matusoff
    Dyslexic students are more creative and hard working to produce results than basic students so Don't call them 'lazy'. If you help them in their studies and make it simple and make study time better by using some useful tips:

    • Make an audio recording...  more
  • Michelle Matusoff
    Test Anxiety - childp sychology answers
    Test anxiety can be debilitating, and is becoming increasingly prevalent due to the importance we place on test scores, the insane level of competition among students to earn top grades, and the resulting pressure...  more
  • Michelle Matusoff
    What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?
    However, their inability to read social cues makes it very difficult to sustain meaningful social relationships. For example, individuals with mild forms of ASD are often unable to understand body language, sarcasm, and...  more
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