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    Dyslexic students are more creative and hard working to produce results than basic students so Don't call them 'lazy'. If you help them in their studies and make it simple and make study time better by using some useful tips:

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    Separation Anxiety Disorder
    Children with Separation Anxiety Disorder experience extreme anxiety when they are separated from the home, or from significant attachment figures. This level of distress is beyond that which would be expected given the...  more
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    About us - ADHD in Children | Tips for Parenting A Child With Autism
    Our experts have 25+ years of experience in assessment and diagnosis of children and teens, and have provided guidance to parents for a multitude of issues.
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    Child Psychologist Answers | Help my child with ADHD | Having a child with autism
    If you have any query or Have a general question for us? Please fill out the form below and allow 24-48 hrs for a response.
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