• James Donald
    A stellar is an open network protocol that is used to store and transfer cryptocurrencies. Stellar enables trade, sending, and the creation of digital ecosystems in which transactions can take place. Building your own Venmo with stellar allows you to...  more
    Develop your payment gateway platform using Venmo like app with
  • Mike lawrence
    How to transfer money from Venmo to PayPal?
    https://walletsdesk.com/how-to-transfer-money-from-venmo-to-paypal/ /> If you are Digital wallet user then you know money transfer between two digital wallet is not a difficult task. But for new user this is...  more
  • Mike lawrence
    Top 10 Digital Wallet and His features ?
    https://walletsdesk.com/features-types-of-digital-wallets/ /> If you are a new digital wallet user and want to know how many types wallet available in market and what is his features then you have come to right...  more
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