• Top AI Frameworks for #AIAppDevelopment in 2022

    #Digitaltransformation and its subsequent adoption have paved the way for Artificial Intelligence to be leveraged like never before.

    This is why #AIapp development is so on the rise globally. But what...  more
  • Top 10 Uses of Deep Learning in various industries in 2022

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  • Consagous Technologies
    How AI is Reshaping Education

    #ArtificialIntelligence has become an important element of everything with the involvement of #technology. It is a crucial Industry 4.0 technology, and its impact on education is also a pretty significant one.

    With virtual...  more
  • Mehul Rajput
    Here's the 5 use cases of machine learning in mobile app. Let’s look closer at how machine learning can benefit your mobile app. https://bit.ly/3mRu7Ke /> #machinelearning #mobileapp #ML
    5 Tips on How to Use Machine Learning in Mobile Apps - RTInsight
  • Aptron Gurgaon
    Aptron Gurgaon is a leading educational provider for all subjects in the fields of #AI, #ML, #datascience, and analytics, and offers DATA Science #Training in #Gurgaon with comprehensive resources and education programs for industry professionals across...  more
    Which Has Better Career Opportunities, AI Or Data Science?
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