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How a man in love behaves: 10 signs

  • May 30, 2019
    How a man in love behaves: 10 signs
    Every girl wants to know more about the relationship with her lover: how does a man in love, whether he plans a wedding, whether he dreams of children, whether he looks at other girls. Learn about the attitude of your partner is easy, you only learn to read the secret signs. Body language, various actions and gestures play an important role not only on the first date, but also on the longer stages of Dating. The following list of the man's actions shows his intentions.

    1 – calls

    An unexpected call in the middle of the working day or night without a good reason (an invitation to dinner, for example) suggests that the young lady is not indifferent to him. The girl must certainly be very attentive during a small talk: to find out more about her chosen one.

    2 – speaks softly
    How a man in love behaves – he speaks softly. Changing the tone of the interlocutor is a common sign of sympathy. Representatives of the stronger sex often use a "soft" voice to show their choice. Sometimes a person changes his intonation not intentionally, but unconsciously. He doesn't hesitate to compliment. In any case, you need to appreciate it in a man.

    3 – introduces you to friends
    Young ladies complain all the time why guys don't acquaint them with the friends (can, hesitate). In fact, a man who values his relationship will not gossip with his friends. He will wait until he is sure that the feelings are mutual. General meetings with his friends are a sign of how a man in love behaves, with whom the girl has been Dating for a long time.

    4 – donates
    How does a man in love – he sacrifices his interests for the second half (does not go to the match, hockey, cooking dinner, washing, driving to work). For men are not so important their interests, he is looking for mutual interest. A woman must show that she appreciates his behavior, his victims.

    5 – proud
    If the guy puts the example to everyone his girlfriend, so he loves. People who are proud of their partner's knowledge or achievements are ready for a serious relationship. So: do not miss the moment. Undoubtedly, a similar behavior from the girls is priceless.

    6 – establish contact
    Eye contact is extremely revealing. In conversation with his lady of the heart, a man in love does not avoid a direct look, but wants to look into these black eyes. The best reward for a man will be a smile (lips and eyes). Only guys who do not bother and they do not feel any guilt, unable to keep eye contact.

    7 – gives gifts
    If a man offers a girl a valuable gift, the right, he pays special attention to the needs of his girlfriend. Value does not mean the high cost of a gift. On the contrary, expensive gifts are not a good tone. The gift should be "difficult": to meet the needs of women, bought at the right time and in the right place.
    8 – looking for common
    Men – individualists: do not like to imitate, love to stand out. If a man began to do common things (from personal life, profession), means, he wants to be part of life girls. He takes part in the same events, goes to the same clubs, cafes, tries new dishes, interested in the same events.

    9 – joking
    A loving person knows what kind of reaction his jokes produce, and he will joke more often. You should pay attention to how he behaves with other people.

    10 – monitors facial expression
    If He notices every slightest change in the mood of his girlfriend, watching the expression on her face (talking, dinner together, watching a movie), then he sincerely and strongly loves. He pays attention to the smallest details: moles on the face, pimples, freckles.
  • May 31, 2019
    Listen up It is not so easy to determine the true feelings of a partner towards you. Even if you are not indifferent to him, this does not mean that the young man loves you. I think that the true feelings of a partner can be found only in some difficult situation for you. Namely, with your illness, for example.
  • May 31, 2019
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  • July 15, 2019
    For me, a key indicator of my husband's love was caring. Even just during the walk to support the arm, throw a jacket on my shoulders so that I would not be cold. And this is especially significant eyes. You will never confuse the eyes of a man in love with anything. In such eyes the ocean of tenderness and caress
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