Classifieds » Shopping » Dried Flowers Decor For Home

Classifieds » Shopping » Dried Flowers Decor For Home

Dried Flowers Decor For Home

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  1. Craft coffee table coasters out of flowery resin.

The final application for your dried flowers in our list of seven is to make DIY resin floral coasters. They’re a quick and enjoyable way to create a homemade botanical present for family or friends. Need a holiday activity to do with your kids? This is a lovely activity that we recommend you try. They’ll maintain your living space attractively and prevent stains on your coffee table.

Incorporate little dried flowers and leaves into the packaging.

Using a photo of dried flowers to wrap presents is a unique way to use them.

By affixing bouquets of dried flowers and greenery, you may add a floral touch to various types of gift wrapping. Wrap your gift in twine before setting your bouquet of dried flowers on top of the string. Finished with a strong knot or bow, it makes a lovely gift of dried flowers. It’s a lovely way to present gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays, and weddings, particularly if you are unable to obtain fresh flowers.


Full your phone case with your favorite dried flowers.

Creative usage of dried flowers: picture of pressed flowers in a phone case.

Want to always have your favorite dried flowers with you? Keeping them on your phone cover is a wise choice for doing that! Remove your flowers from the press when they are flat and dry, then put them on your phone case. Working with odd numbers appears to be the most enticing to us. Use clear PVA glue or clear resin to hold them in place. You can then insert your device and use it as usual after it has dried.