What is Film coating powder used for?


What is Film coating powder used for?

Q:What is Film coating powder used for?

A:Film coating powder is a type of coated tablet medicine, which refers to the coating of a relatively stable polymer on the surface of a drug during the production of particles, pellets, tablets, etc., to isolate it from the external environment.
The film coating attached to the surface of the drug can protect the drug components from oxidation and decomposition, increase the stability of the drug, and have functions such as moisture-proof, light avoidance, and air isolation. When the drug has a bad odor, it can also mask the bad odor of the drug, avoiding adverse reactions such as nausea and vomiting when taking the drug.
In addition, the commonly used materials for film coating include film-forming materials, solvents, plasticizers, colorants, and masking agents, which usually have no adverse effects on the human body. They have gastric or intestinal solubility and can be absorbed by the human body. They can also control the location and speed of drug release to achieve the purpose of specific site treatment.
It should be noted that patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction should take this type of medication with caution to avoid poor drug absorption, affecting treatment effectiveness or causing gastrointestinal discomfort. Before taking thin-film coated medication, it should be done under the guidance of a doctor, and the nature and expiration date of the medication should be observed to avoid adverse reactions such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea caused by spoiled or expired medication.

Q:Why is film coating better than sugar coating?

A:Film coating refers to the coating of a relatively stable polymer film on the surface of a drug tablet core. Because film coating is much thinner than sugar coating, it is called film coating. Sugar coated tablets only contain a layer of sugar coating, reducing the bitterness of the medication and making it easy to take. The disintegration time of film coated tablets will be shortened, which is more conducive to the effectiveness of the drug. The weight gain of film coated tablets is only 2% -4% of the core. The laminating material is made of polymer compounds, which are non-toxic and odorless. The case shows that the patient has no significant side effects after long-term use. The outer layer of sugar coated tablets contains a small amount of sugar, while the outer layer of film coated tablets does not contain sugar and is easy to absorb.

Q:What is film coating made of?

A:Thin film coating is a new type of colored sheet-like material, usually composed of components such as polypropylene, polyester, cellulose, and polymer materials, which can isolate moisture and maintain drug stability.

Q:What are the benefits of film-coated tablets?

A:The film coating process can be widely used for tablets, pills, and granules, especially for traditional Chinese medicine tablets with strong hygroscopicity, easy cracking, and spots. Compared with sugar coating, film coating has the following advantages:
1. Good quality. As the film-forming agent and most auxiliary additives are polymer materials with excellent physical and chemical properties, the film coated tablets can not only prevent moisture, light, taste and wear, but also be resistant to mildew and disintegration, greatly improving the dissolution, bioavailability and effective period of drugs, greatly expanding the countries and regions where drugs can be sold, and effectively promoting the export of drugs, especially traditional Chinese patent medicines and simple preparations.
2. Less weight gain. Only 2% to 4% increase in core weight, while sugar coated tablets (with the main excipient being talc powder that has been phased out abroad) can often increase core weight by 50% to 100%.
3. Fast drying. The coating operation time is short, usually only 2-3 hours, while sugar coating generally takes 16 hours, making it easy to operate and master, especially suitable for preserving the quality of Chinese and Western medicine that is easily damaged by high temperature.
4. Beautiful image. The shape is beautiful, the color is bright, the logo is fresh, and the image is vivid. The drug core can adopt various flat and curved shapes, and the company's trademark and logo can be directly printed on the drug core. After being wrapped in a film coating, it is still clear and obvious, which not only enhances the company's image but also plays a anti-counterfeiting role.
5. There are many varieties. There are numerous materials to choose from for film coating, and different characteristics of film coatings can be made through the design of coating prescriptions to change the release position of drug cores and the release characteristics of drugs. In addition to gastric and intestinal membranes, there are also oral membranes (including tablets), sustained-release membranes, controlled release membranes, composite membranes (in addition to the drug core, the membrane also contains other main drugs), as well as the latest multi-layer membranes, microporous membranes, osmotic pump coatings, and targeted drug delivery coatings, which greatly improve drug efficacy.
6. Widely applicable. Thin film coating has been widely used not only in traditional Chinese and Western medicine tablets and pills, but also in small tablets, pills, granules, soft and hard capsules, and even drug powders. Film forming materials can also be directly used in films (such as contraceptive films, films containing main drugs without drug cores), suspensions, and hydrophobic drug dispersions.
7. Standardization. The design, process, materials, and quality of film coated tablets can be standardized and computerized, which is particularly important for GMP management and entering the international market.
8. Low pollution. The process can reduce or avoid dust flying in the workshop, which is beneficial for environmental protection and labor protection. At the same time, it can prevent pollution in the workshop, which is of great significance for meeting GMP cleanliness requirements under dynamic conditions.

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