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Titane, 2021

  • This is a body horror movie that was directed and wrote by Julia Ducournau. This is about a woman that after being harmed in an auto accident as a kid has the titanium plate fitted in her head.

    Cast Lists

    Agathe Rousselle performed as Alexia/Adrien                 Laïs Salameh performed as Rayane

    Myriem Akheddiou performed as Adrien's mother           Bertrand Bonello performed as Alexia's father

    Thibault Cathalifaud performed as Alexia's fan               Céline Carrère performed as Alexia's mother

    Dominique Frot performed as Old woman                      Adèle Guigue performed as young Alexia

    Vincent Lindon performed as Vincent                             Garance Marillier performed as Justine


    A little girl known as Alexia annoyed her father during the drive. As she detached the seatbelt, her father turned around, scolding her, causing an auto crash. Alexia suffered the skull injury and had the titanium plate being fitted into the head. When she went out of the hospice, she avoids her parents and embraced the auto passionately. After years, Alexia, now being one adult with a big scar over the side of the head, worked as a showgirl in a motor show. Then, one evening, after the show, the male fan followed Alexia in a showroom's parking lot, declared the love for her, and forcibly kissed her; she brutally murdered him using the big metal hairpin. When she returned to shower, Alexia heard the banging coming from a showroom.

    She locates the auto she modeled with previous had turned on through itself and entered it naked, had sex within the car, and finally climaxes. It’s revealed that Alexia had been the murderer who had killed some women and men in the previous few months. She stays with her parents that appeared to be unaware of her link with the crime and with whom that she had the distant relationship. Finally, Alexia realized that she became pregnant after that motor oil starts secreting from her own vagina. She tried to perform the abortion with the use of hairpins but failed.

    Alexia attended the house party, wherein she had sex with Justine, her coworker. Alexia abruptly killed Justine and proceeded to murder the other guests, aside from the lady who handles to escape. Alexia returned home and sets the house on fire just before locking her relatives in the bedroom. Now, she is wanted for murder, and Alexia altered the appearance to invent as Adrien Legrand, the lad who had gone ten years before when he was 7, by taping down the breasts, cutting the hair, and progressive pregnant belly, and smashing her own nose. Then, she went out to a police pretending as Adrien, where Vincent, the father, accepted Alexia as the missing son and refused to do the DNA test.

    Vincent, the fire captain, took Alexia to a station where he dwells and worked and introduced her to the guys. The firefighters were puzzled by an androgynous, mute and apparently shocked "Adrien", but they refrained from questioning the behavior of the captain. 

    Writer’s Notion

    This is a friendly advised – don’t eat anything if you have plans on watching this movie.

    The movie is an odd story well told. There are some that may find a meaning with everything that you can see, but there are some viewers that may turn off because during the end of any day, the movie will make no sense at all. Personally, it did make sense, no spoilers. In spite this odd story, the entire movie is likeable - you are not going to see this type of movie every day, and that is for sure. Performances made by the two leads were really outstanding, but it is the director of the movie who is the real star here. 

    Despite the topic of the movie with its running time of more less than 2 hours, it did not drag and the viewers will be involved in this crazy ride.


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