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Chia Seeds for Weight Loss

  • In this article, we are going to explain how Organic Chia seeds can be used for weight loss, after reading the article you should become more familiar with how Chia seeds can help you to lose fat.

    Losing weight is a constant struggle for many, with various problems plaguing wants to be fitness enthusiasts. If hunger is at bay, it may be digestion that is hampering your progress, or worse a stalled metabolism. The now revered Chia seeds help to alleviate many of these issues and are now in the middle of a resurgence into its weight loss capabilities.

    Chia Seeds Weight Loss

    The requirements for your weight loss program are simple; just ensure you are in possession of some Chia seeds. And what’s even better, is the fact that Chia seeds are reasonably flavorless, and have a pleasant gelling ability. These two properties in combination are what make Chia such a versatile food since they have the ability to blend into any flavour and food texture. Chia seeds make virtually any food healthier without spoiling the delicate taste.

    The ability of Chia seeds that allows them to give a feeling of satiety, is its hydration process when exposed to water or liquids. What happens is that the fibres forming the external layer of the seed, begin to expand and stretch, trapping moisture within and forming a gel. So in effect, when you eat Chia seeds, you are actually having a large meal, not a few scrawny seeds as you may believe. This is due to Chia seed's remarkable ability to trap approximately 9 times their own weight in water, which is what makes you feel full. So even as little as one teaspoonful of seeds taken as a snack has the capability of being recognized in the stomach as being 10 teaspoonfuls.

    Another issue that plagues many would-be dieters, is their failure to adequately control unstable blood sugar levels. A stable blood sugar level, among many other benefits, allows you to have a feeling of constant energy throughout the day, without severe crashes or downtime. How Chia helps to accomplish this feat is by virtue of its protein content, touted as only one of the few complete protein sources from plants, as often animal sources are the only viable option. Blood sugar spikes are to a large degree responsible for your sleep cycle too, for example, it has been proven that the key reason people feel sleepy around mid-afternoon is because of a dramatic drop in blood sugar levels, prompting hunger pangs and drowsiness.

    Chia Seeds Weight Loss But protein isn’t the only reason it helps to control your blood sugar levels. Indeed, protein helps to slow down the breakdown of sugars, but once again it is the gelling action of the seed and the two kinds of fibre in the grain that decisively slows down the breakdown and conversion of complex carbs into simple ones. Caffeinated or aerated energy drinks can never fathom that kind of regulated energy supply without the major crashes.

    However, all these promising facts surmount to nothing if digestion is a limiting factor. A good functioning digestive system promotes smooth metabolism and sufficient hydration to ensure toxic waste metabolites are discarded in a timely manner. The insoluble fibre content does not incur additional calories, but functions as a mediator to ensure the smooth passage of

    waste materials through the large intestine into the colon. It functions as roughage. The soluble fibre content serves to keep the colon well hydrated, preventing constipation and diet-induced bloating and malabsorption syndrome.

    Another surprising deterrent to your weight loss efforts is a deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals. For example, a deficiency of calcium results in the body having cravings for dairy or cheese products, naturally a rich source of calcium. This is a normal psychological inclination that has been demonstrated numerous times. The problem arising from this is that it may cause you to consume additional calories, which may stymie your free flow of weight loss. On a weight vs. Weight basis, Chia seeds are much more calcium dense than powerhouse milk. By ensuring that you consume sufficient Chia seeds, you get the added bonus of preventing metabolic stall, or worse yet diet-induced craving pangs.

    What is fast becoming common knowledge is the fact that fats (good ones) can make you lose fat. It is now a proven fact, that the Omega-3 fatty acids promote fat loss, by encouraging lipolysis (fat breakdown) and inhibiting fat storage. Chia seeds are loaded with Omega-3 and Omega-6, with the prior predominating. The omega-3 fatty acids aid in cellular structural strength, and may help alleviate certain forms of arthritic pains. Although omega-6 is essential too, it must be in a favorable ratio, with omega-3.

    Summary of Chia Seeds Weight Loss

    Overall, Chia seeds help to improve weight loss by various mechanisms, with each working synergistically to enhance the end result of weight loss.

    Have we missed something? Let us know what you think about chia seeds for weight loss by commenting below.

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