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What is the Best Way to Reduce Server Response Times?

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    What is the Server Response Time?

    The browser's time to receive the first byte, which is also called the server response time (TTFB), is the time between the request and the browser receiving the first byte.

    It is critical for your visitors' experience of your page to reduce TTFB, since it affects the loading time of every resource listed in your HTML.

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    Your visitors may only see a blank page while the browser is waiting for a response from the server due to a slow TTFB.

    TTFB reduction is likely to enhance your front-end performance since it is primarily a back-end optimization. There are many ways to reduce server response times. These are some of the most effective:

    #1 Optimizing your application code (including database queries)

    This is the most important part of web performance optimization. As you are now dealing with the core logic of your website, we strongly recommend that you seek developer assistance.

    Some of the optimizations you can make through code profiling include:

    •     Reducing the overall size of the codebase, improving the efficiency of functions
    •     Reducing complex operations or bundling up code to be executed only when necessary
    •     Optimizing database queries by eliminating unnecessary SQL queries

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    #2 Implementing server-side caching

    A cached version of your page is delivered to a requestor instead of a server generating it on demand.

    The market is filled with caching solutions that are both server-level and CMS-specific, such as WordPress plugins (The 7 Most Effective WordPress SEO Plugins)

    Contact your host for more information if you think they may already be using server-side caching.

    #3 Upgrading server hardware for more CPU or memory resources

    Ask your hosting provider or developer to analyze resource usage and determine if you can upgrade the hardware specifications of the origin server.

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