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Activating Cash App Cash Card With QR Code

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    In this article, we will be talking about how to activate your Cash App Cash Card with the QR code that the envelope in which your card arrives has, let’s get started.


    First of all, if you haven’t downloaded Cash App already, type Cash App into your App Store or Google Play search bar, look for the green icon with the dollar sign, and click on download. You can also check out the link that the description of the video at the bottom of this article contains, as it has a referral code with which you can get $5 from Cash App after performing a transaction. Check out the Cash App Referral Code ($5 Promo Code) article to find out more about it.


    If you are looking for information about activating your card it’s probably because you have already downloaded the Cash App and you have also ordered your Cash Card. If you haven’t been sure to read the article about how to order your Cash Card, on this same website. It’s a pretty simple process. You can order your Cash Card for free and it will arrive in about a week, but you can start using it for online purchases before its physical arrival.


    Activating your Cash Card: The Cash card comes in a white envelope about the size of a holiday card. The envelope in which you receive it will say #CASHCARD and it will have a QR code printed on it, this code is unique for security purposes so that no one else can activate Cash Card


    These are the steps that you need to follow if you would like to activate your Cash Card with the QR code:


    1) Tap your balance, located on the top of the Cash App Home Screen.


    ​2) In your balance screen you’ll see your Cash Card and you’ll also see the option that says Activate Cash Card, click it. ​After clicking on Activate Cash Card, the app will ask for your permission to use your camera to scan the QR code, please, accept to be able to continue with the process.


    3) The camera will open up and you’ll just need to scan the QR code to activate your Cash Card. If you don’t have your QR code because you threw the envelope away, don’t worry, you can still activate your Cash Card. When you are inside the balance screen, tap on Activate Cash Card and look for the Help option located at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see a few choices, try using the CVV instead, you’ll need to follow simple instructions and provide the CVV code and expiration date of your card to activate it.


    As you can see, activating your Cash Card is not a difficult process, the app will guide you with instructions and it will give you the option to activate it even if you don’t have the QR code anymore. Hopefully, you found this information useful, keep posted up for more articles and be sure to watch the video if you would like to find more information about how to activate the Cash App Cash Card.

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