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Why Custom Pre Roll Boxes Should Be Your Top Packaging Choice

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    Pre-rolls have become one of the most consumed products in the cannabis industry. These are ready-to-go joints stuffed with cannabis. You must want to know what’s this type all about custom pre roll packaging. Is it of any worth? Why do you choose custom-made boxes? Do they prove advantageous for the cannabis business? This blog will explain the significance of custom pre roll boxes and how they can greatly help product safety and brand promotion. So, get ready for the ride. 

    Improve Product Protection with Pre Roll Boxes Wholesale

    First, it becomes important to preserve the physical quality of the product. You cannot get succeeded without providing quality services. Pre-rolls are very fragile products and demand extra care. They contain an amazing aroma. The key to preserving the freshness of pre-rolls is their storage. They need air-tight packaging as they are vulnerable to sun heat, moisture, and humidity. Custom pre roll boxes are the best finding to give haven to flavored pre-rolls. They are easy to modify. You can customize the box’s size and shape according to your requirements. 

    Stand Out on shelves with Unique Pre Roll Box Designs

    An innovative box’s design is more likely to become noticeable due to its uniqueness. As for as the box’s design is concerned, numerous options are found. We suggest tucking end boxes for single pre-roll packaging. They give tight packaging to pre-rolls and preserve the exterior damage. Besides, you can go for a tuck flap box or tray and sleeve package for packing more than one pre-roll. Using inserts gives them extra protection. pre- rolls stay firm inside the box and do not get damaged or shatter due to the traveling or storage shocks. Additionally, counter display boxes are a wonderful way to showcase products professionally in front of an audience. 

    Become Recognizable with Printed Pre Roll Boxes

    Doubtlessly, making the brand recognizable in the competitive environment has become difficult. Pre-roll branded packaging is the most cost-effective and beneficial way to make the cannabis business a hit. A printed pre-roll box with a logo gives people a wholesome preview of the brand. A large number of people get familiar with your brand. Besides, the addition of the company’s address and other details related to the products can leave a good impression on the clients.  You can create an informative box’s packaging imprinting the flavor of the pre-rolls, their expiry date, usages, warning signs, etc. 

    Pre Roll Box with Windows: Best Way for Product Presentation

    Nowadays, the product’s presentation dominates the quality. No matter the product’s quality, it can lose its whole worth if not presented well. Custom pre roll boxes wholesale with die-cuts are the most captivating way to engage customers at first sight. You can design die-cuts in various unique shapes and sizes according to your preferences. With the help of die-cuts, people get a delightful view of the pre-rolls. They can sniff the aroma of the products without unboxing them. The lamination of windows or die-cuts with PVC sheets depends on the brands. The usage of PVC sheets makes products visible and safe simultaneously. The thick PVC sheet is the greatest barrier against germs, contaminations, bacteria, etc. 

    Choose Quality Material for Long-Lasting Pre Roll Packaging

    Kraft and cardboard are the most suitable and reasonable substrate options. Kraft paper is a more favorable option due to its 100% recyclable nature. It is available in various colors like brown, black, and white. Brown kraft is the preferable solution due to its organic look. It is bleached and tear, moisture and heat resistant. It does not have any harmful impact on the quality of the pre-rolls. Kraft boxes will keep pre-rolls secure for a prolonged time. In contrast, there is cardboard. The flexible nature of cardboard makes it the first choice of brands. It is strong and viable for prints, laminations, and add-ons.

    Why Choose iCustomBoxes? 

    What are the reasons for choosing us? Our company has an eminent position in the Luxury packaging industry. Our company has gained a good reputation worldwide by providing quality services. You can get custom  pre roll boxes in the required shapes, designs, and layouts per your demands. You can share design ideas with us and get ready to turn the imaginative box into a practical form with the assistance of our experts. Order now and avail of our remarkable services such as:

    • Free shipment to doorsteps
    • Zero plates and die-cut charges
    • Live chat facility 
    • Free of-cost design assistance
    • Market competitive prices

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