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Best Memories From My Trip to Sydney: Travel Blog

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    When I started travelling back in ‘09, I never knew I’d have ticked off over 26 countries in the span of just 13 years. But for me, it was never actually about the number of new places I visit, rather how I feel after visiting one. The first few places I travelled to, India and Nepal, have an important place in my heart, as it was these two magical destinations that made me fall in love with travelling. As years passed by, I touched down in many new cities and towns, creating new memories every day! Sydney, Australia was a while back so memories are a bit rusty, nonetheless, I’ll try to share about some of my favourite moments in the big harbour city.


    First-class views from first-class cruises


    When I think about the Emerald City now, after 3 years, the first thing that pops up to my mind is the Sydney Harbour cruise with dinner, views and entertainment. It was an astonishing experience, nothing short of stunning. I remember cruising on the mighty paddlewheeler, which is pretty easy to spot around these parts as it’s the only one. When my friend suggested to me a dinner cruise to best appreciate the city’s night beauty, he wasn’t kidding. The cruise offered incredible visuals of the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Luna Park and plenty more, along with a lip-smacking fare! I was overwhelmed with this extraordinary dining experience, in fact I was so impressed that I decided I would check out the lunch cruises on Sydney Harbour as well. And boy was I in for something unique!

    Couple of days later I hopped on the lunch cruise, but this time I was more drawn towards the food and drinks! The lunch cruises had a reputation for great food and it was true! Everything from the entrees, mains, to dessert, I admired every single bite. And the beverage upgrades were reasonable, considering the variety of drinks offered. It was a great way to start off a day out in Sydney and will definitely be the first on my next itinerary!


    The garden of friendship in Chinatown


    Sydney ain’t no joke when it comes to city life. But I'm not a huge fan of it, I like green spaces more. The diversity in Sydney is crazy, like you could be on the shores of Bondi taking in the sun in one minute, then exploring the bustling streets of the CBD in the next ten. The Chinese Garden of Friendship is nestled right in the heart of CBD, and offers  its visitors an oasis of serenity to revitalise after hours in the bustling city. What started out as a symbol of friendship between Sydney and Guangzhou, the garden now welcomes anyone, especially the ones looking for a quick escape from the busy city life. The artworks, ponds, small waterfalls, flowers and hidden paths will transport you to another place and time. There is also a tea pavilion for you to sip on some peculiar-flavoured teas! 


    Exploring with Opal


    Being an exxy city, Sydney was always going to take a toll on my wallet so I picked up the Opal card right from the airport as it made it more convenient and more importantly, cost-saving. While there are plenty of trains and buses to help you get to a number of places, the explorer bus can get you as far as Bondi for just $40 and you can get on and off at any stop as many times as you’d like within 24hours. This was a great way to explore the many unspoken parts of the city.

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