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Winning Two Raffle Tickets: Who to Go With?

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    “What should I do if I win the lottery?” Almost half of the population have asked this at one point in their life. I mean, apart from saying ‘woohoo’, doing a backflip and double checking the numbers, I might be the most boring lottery winner ever. Nonetheless, I won a holiday raffle last week worth $3000 and now I can finally answer this question!


    The ultimate experience


    The holiday season is about to unfold, and Sydney was brimming with endless options to cash in this possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For the first time in a while I actually knew what I wanted; to wave of 2022 onboard one of the spectacular New Year’s Eve Cruises in Sydney. Celebrating NYE in such an extravagant fashion, in a city like Sydney, I didn’t need to think twice about it. But the biggest hurdle I faced was choosing who to take with me. 


    The dilemma


    The New Year Cruises is one of the most highly-sought after attractions in Sydney, so it was bound to be extravagant and not to mention, successful. The first person that popped to my mind was my mum but she’s planning to spend the last day of the year with the whole fam in Surry Hills. Being the very embodiment of awkwardness or so as I was told, I didn’t know a lot of people, so it was down to either my friends or my girlfriend Videl.


    The perfect match


    Another hurdle that popped up was that I could bring just one guest with the raffle ticket so taking the boys was out of the question. Knowing Videl, she would absolutely be thrilled to hear the news of me winning something but it would freak her out even more when she finds out I’m taking her on the cruise. The good news is that it will surely blow her mind and top every other experience we‘ve ever had together but the downside is that would it be a bit over the top? I’d hope not. The New Years cruise on Sydney Harbour is arguably the best vantage point in the city to get a good look at the iconic fireworks display and with the illuminated Opera House and Harbour Bridge as backdrop, I couldn't have asked for a more romantic setting. The thing is we started dating recently. I know time is a construct and everything but there's every reason for her to think that this is a bit too much. Or so I thought.


    “Not returning the favour”


    I just turned 23 and for my birthday, she got me a signed jersey from Erling Haaland, she knew I was a fan. For me it was synonymous with being the richest man in the world, so this was the least I could do. No, this is not returning the favour or ‘giving because she gave’ type behaviour, but I wanted to make her feel the way she made me feel. So taking her onboard the NYE cruise seemed like the best option. On paper. Or so I thought.


    The moment of truth..


    All I had to do next was book and wait. I chose the multi-million dollar catamaran as the vessel, since it boasted three expansive outer decks, featured state-of-the-art amenities and offered a deluxe seafood menu! Videl love seafood! There was no margin for error with this one! I can already imagine the spectacular harbour raising the roof off the city, the fireworks popping off from everywhere. And me? Soaking up all of this with my beloved girlfriend right beside me, a drink in hand, waiting for the stroke of midnight to start the year with a kiss. Or, so I thought!


    Part two of three coming soon!

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