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The Ultimate One-Day Sydney Itinerary (2022)

  • So you're planning to visit Sydney but only got a day or so to spend sightseeing - what should you do if you are pressed against time and want to experience the Emerald City in a day? Whether you’re a budget traveller, an itinerant who’s making use of Sydney as a pitstop or someone who’s in the city for a business, we have collated a brief list to give you the best one-day experience possible.


    Cruise Sydney Harbour


    First things first, when it comes to must-do experiences cruising cannot be left out. There’s no better way to enjoy the true beauty of the city than on a Sydney dinner cruise and for a reasonable price you get to enjoy some of the best sights of the city along with sumptuous cuisines, and a variety of beverage upgrades. Choose a catamaran as your vessel and witness the legendary Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Luna Park, and more from its expansive outer decks! 


    The alternative option is that if you're starting out your day on the harbour, then a lunch cruise might be your best pick. You get to marvel at all the splendid sceneries of the harbour and the gorgeous city skyline, under the shining sun, plus a delicious lunch to go with it. A myriad of Sydney’s top attractions and a lip-smacking lunch will definitely make it an experience worth your time and money!


    Check out Australia’s most celebrated landmark


    The Opera House is not just a stylish harbourfront building that hosts theatrical shows and concerts. It’s an architectural wonder that is designed intricately to its very core. The minor details like the pink granite foundation, the roofing tiles and glass walls only become visible when you come up-close and personal with the building. There are also tours that take you inside and through the most famous theatres including the famous 10,000 pipe organ! If you check online beforehand, you might even be able to catch a show while you're there!


    Wander through Quay and The Rocks


    From the Opera House, you can keep walking along the harbour and head towards the Circular Quay. The perfect postcard moment lies here. What’s so great about Quay is that you will find endless things to do and see here. Circular Quay is a hub for tourists and first-time visitors as it serves as a stepping stone for most of the attractions in and around the harbour. The Museum of Contemporary Art in The Rocks can be your next stop if you're an art lover. The Rocks is the oldest region in Sydney, so if you're keen on exploring the city’s convict past and haunted histories, help yourself to a guided walking tour as well.


    Enjoy Sydney’s diversity right within the CBD


    If you're a morning person and like to start the day off with a run, head to the east of the Central Business District (CBD) to the Royal Botanic Gardens. This massive garden houses a cavalcade of floral beauty while remaining in close proximity to the city centre. The garden opens at 7am all year round and the wildlife is most active during these early hours. With a variety of trees, plants, flowers and small animals, it is the perfect stop to adore nature and even enjoy a picnic under the many spots with shades. These gardens are well maintained and add a bit of colour to the city, if you're up for it you can head towards the iconic Mrs Macquarie's Chair which has some of the most epic views of the city.




    I didn’t add Bondi to this list as it might not be your priority since you're only here for a day. But if you're down for it and the weather looks promising, who am I to hold you off?! Go for it! After all, Sydney is famous for its impressive beaches.