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Awe-inspiring Attractions in New South Wales

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    Sydney is an amazing travel destination that has some of the best natural and man-made attractions in the world. I have lived in New South Wales for more than two years now, and have visited a majority of popular destinations often listed on Australian itineraries. Today, I have collated a list of some awe-inspiring destinations in NSW that can’t be missed. 

    Sydney Harbour 

    I doubt if you’d ever find an Aussie itinerary without Sydney Harbour on it. This splendorous tourist destination houses two spectacular wonders of the world–Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. One of the best ways to witness these marvellous structures in a grandiose manner is a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise. Contrary to many itineraries that include the harbour under the daytime attractions, I advise you visit in the after hours, when the evening hues transform into a more fascinating place. A dinner cruise in Sydney is truly the best way to enjoy the slew of breathtaking landmarks and city skyline in the area, as it promises you great views from a different perspective, a delectable dinner and more. Choose this impeccable cruise dining experience and create lifelong memories!

    Lord Howe Island Marine Park  

    Lord Howe Island is an internationally significant place that is home to the world’s southernmost coral reef and also the only fringing coral reef lagoon in the state. The waters in the area are known for its unique mix of temperate and tropical species, many of which can be seen closer to the shore. Located some 700 kilometres in the north-eastern region of Sydney, the Lord Howe Island Marine Park protects marine biodiversity and areas of cultural and ecological importance. It is also known for its sustainable and recreational commercial activities. Some of popular activities Howe Island is famous for include diving, swimming, snorkelling and fishing.


    Hunter Valley Gardens

    The beautiful Hunter Valley Gardens is located at the heart of the prominent Hunter Valley wine region in New South Wales. With amazing vineyards and wineries, the gardens have been a popular destination for weddings and intimate celebrations. There are some 10 themed gardens in the area, including a wonderful restaurant and a children’s storybook garden. Spread across 24 tranquil hectares, the gardens have more than 8 kms of beautiful paths, enchanted by rejuvenating fragrances and colours. It is here you will also find one of Australia’s finest rose gardens. Another highlight of this destination is that it is backdropped by the spectacular Broken Back Range.

    Glenworth Valley

    Located only an hour’s drive north of Sydney, the Glenworth Valley is known for its adventurous horseback rides. The area is generally called ‘the bush’ in Australia and it houses more than 200 horses over 1,214 hectares of valleys, rivers and woodlands. Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures offer a range of fun rides and tours for all skill levels, including beginners. There are ponies for children under the age of seven. In the hinterlands of Central Coast is the country’s largest playground and outdoor activities centres, where you can enjoy kayaking, quad biking, abseiling and camping under the stars.

    Kiama Blowhole

    The largest blowhole in the world, Kiama is a landmark that has attracted tourists to the region for more than 100 years now. The ‘Kiama’ has been translated as “Where the sea makes a noise.” The 2.5 metres opening in the rock face is a real treat for the eyes, especially during hight tide. The tallest plume of water recorded at Kiama is 20 metres. There are multiple viewing platforms, where you can take in the breathtaking views in its full glory. Kiama is also known for its picnic areas, rock pools and cafes. 

    Start your journey from Sydney, the ideal place to get all your bearings for a comfortable and memorable trip! Thank me later.