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Cruise and Other Ways to Fall in Love With Sydney

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    Landing late evening in Sydney for the first time, by myself, I was excited and worried at the same time, because I hadn’t yet looked at any list of things to do in this amazing harbour city. But by the time I went to my hotel room, I felt like I had arrived at an old friend’s house instead of a location unknown to me. Over the course of my travels in Sydney, partly solo and partly with fellow tourists, I fell in love not just with the grand museums, parks, and gardens but also with its quaint inner-city suburbs, multicultural identity, unique cuisine and most of all – the warm and highly welcoming, friendly locals. So behold my readers, I’m ready with my travel highlights that will certainly make you fall in love with Sydney.


    A trip across Sydney Harbour on a cruise


    Given the fancy cars that ply the modern streets of Sydney, I didn’t buy the hype about the harbour cruise combining dinner and splendid night views – until I actually boarded one with a fellow tourist. I should say, don’t just see and marvel at the harbour cruises, use them to get the best picture of this amazing destination. It’s easy, safe and super convenient, plus you can indulge in a restaurant-quality dining experience onboard. Because all these vessels have onboard galleys and fully licensed bars dedicated to elevate our sightseeing experience. Aboard a Sydney Harbour dinner cruise and have some interesting conversations with local commuters while enjoying the spectacular harbour views at their best

    A Visit to St Mary’s Cathedral

    The magnificent 18th century St Mary’s Cathedral makes it to all the ‘best places to visit in Sydney’ lists, but people seldom talk about the interiors of this amazing architectural wonder all the time. Watching people pray in front of the magnificent altar, under the intricate ceilings, as sunlight poured in through the stained-glass windows, filled me with an indescribably intense feeling of peace. There is a vast praying area in the big hall, but you can walk around freely and take photos.

    Experiencing Sydney Life at a Family-run Guesthouse

    I always feel like I haven’t really experienced a culture until I meet and talk to a local and spend time with a local family – and so it was in Sydney! Luckily, I ended up discovering a family-run guest house and I should admit, staying with a friendly Sydney family for a week immediately gave me a sense of belonging in this iconic harbour city. I found myself in a courtyard adorned with plants, shrubs, and trees. I spent delightful mornings having breakfast with them under the shade of a fig tree and chatting with my 65-year-old hostess. She gave me plenty of suggestions to explore the city beyond the CBD and plus, how to explore Sydney like a local. You can also consider staying at a hotel if a guesthouse doesn’t sound like your thing.

    Indulge in Local Sydney Dishes

    I was pretty concerned before I set out for Sydney because travelling as a vegan in Sydney was a mixed bag. Even though they grow and use many vegetables, meat and fish are pretty much part of every dish. But I was lucky enough to try vegan versions of many traditional Sydney dishes along my way, including a vegan version of a very popular dessert, the Lamington cake. But I think you should enjoy Witchetty grub (an authentic indigenous staple), poached, fried or baked John Dory dishes (often used in traditional fish and chips recipes), fried potato cakes, and Bacon and egg roll (combined with caramelised onions and tomato relish). 

    So, that’s it! That’s about my Sydney experience. Little by little Sydney let me into her wonderful sights that can lure anyone in. I should tell you, guide books and travel blogs suggest that the best places to visit in Sydney are all about their exquisite architecture. But let me tell you this, Sydney has much more to offer! 

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