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Sydney: Why You Should Visit in 2022?

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    After being the first colony set up by the British in Australia, Sydney has transformed from a brutal penal colony to one of the most luxurious cities in the world. With millions of tourists and travellers pouring into the city every year, Sydney has become one of the most visited destinations in the world. Whether you're looking to spend a week here or are a born and bred resident, this is the ultimate guide to some of the top things in the city you should take pleasure in atleast once in your life.


    Cruise Sydney Harbour


    From a classy Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise to regular sunset cruises, you can traverse across the massive harbour in many ways, to enjoy good food, views and booze. You get to experience an unparalleled night view of the city skyline and other landmark attractions onboard  a dinner cruise. You can choose a multi-million dollar catamaran to get close-up views of these landmark attractions from its spacious outer decks, before heading to the dining saloon for a sumptuous buffet. These amazing dinner cruises in Sydney come with a fully-licensed bar, making it easier for you to purchase your favourite drinks and beverages! You can opt for the popular day tours if you're a fan of going out during the day and also if you're looking to enjoy the sunny views of the city! 


    Take a Dip at Bondi Icebergs


    If you ever visit Sydney during the summer or even winter for that matter, you have gotta hit the beaches. Bondi is one of the go-to beaches for Sydneysiders and even though it can get a bit crowded at times, it is still an absolute must-visit. While the beach is an excellent spot, the rock pool or Icebergs at the southern end of the beach is far cooler.  A popular swimming spot perched on the oceanfront with waves crashing against the pool, you can capture many instagram-worthy photos here. If you prefer staying dry, then stay on the iconic white deck by the pool, where you might even stumble upon a few famous people.


    Go Hiking 

    An eye-catching highlight of Sydney is that it houses a perfect blend of contemporary architecture and natural wonders. You can get to know more about these landscapes by going on hiking or a guided tour. The famous sandstones of the Blue Mountains have undergone drastic changes over the millennia and have shaped themselves into gorges, steep cliffs and narrow ridges. Some major attractions here are checking out the famous Three Sisters or hiking along the walking trails and discovering caves, waterfalls, rock walls, views of the valley, forests, wildlife and many more! You can even spend the night here to explore the mountains even further! Other major locations to stretch out those legs include Katoomba Falls, Six Foot Track, Tumbalong Park, Grand Canyon Tack and more.


    Catch a Festival or a Cultural Event


    Sydney and Melbourne are two cultural giants of the country and both of them are in a constant rivalry to outdo each other by hosting a ton of events and festivals every year. From art galleries, night concerts, annual festivals and much more, you will end up finding something regardless of the time you visit the city. One such event which you can attend during the months of late-May and mid-June is the annual Vivid Sydney, which is dubbed as the biggest festival of lights, music and ideas. For 23 days the city will transform into a magic land of illuminating lightworks, music shows and brilliant discussions. And the best part? Most of these events are free! Check out the city’s social calendar or website to find out everything from prices, dates, time and everything in between.

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