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Popular Insta-worthy Sydney Architectural Marvels

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    Australia is well known for its exceptional natural and manmade attractions, diversity in terms of rich marine and terrestrial wildlife, as well as the enviable quality of life. So if you have plans to hit somewhere inspiring and serene at the same time, you can definitely head straight to Sydney, one of the most visited Aussie cities and an iconic coastal tourist destination in the world where you are promised an amazing time and unparalleled experience. The article will help you go through some of the popular IG-worthy Sydney architectural marvels you can’t miss out on your travel itinerary.

    Sydney Opera House

    Being one of the world’s newest UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites, Sydney Opera House needs no introduction in that matter. It is popular and one of the best eye-catching architectural delights that can set your IG feed on fire. If you are excited enough to explore the Opera House at its finest you can try reaching out to Sydney Harbour and aboard one of the best boats offering a unique Sydney dinner cruise experience. From a premium glass boat to an authentic paddlewheeler and an ultra-modern catamaran, there are many options for you to choose from. Apart from enjoying the prime views of the Opera House, you will also get the chance to take in the best views of other glowing harbour attractions including the Harbour Bridge, Luna Park, Fort Denison, and Taronga Zoo, along with the iconic Sydney starry sky, without actually getting into the crowd! You will also be able to indulge in high-end restaurant-quality dining with freshly prepared dinner dishes and best value bar packages available for purchase from the fully licensed bars onboard. Get aboard a dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour combining scrumptious dinner and splendid views to enjoy the absolute best of the Opera House and other harbour architectural marvels!

    Rose Seidler House

    When Rose Seidler House was completed in 1950, it was pretty popular among Sydneysiders and the people of Australia, and to an extent, it still is! Located in the North Sydney suburb of Wahroonga, this astounding architectural treasure is pretty easy to commute to. It was designed by Harry Seidler, one of the country’s finest architects for his parents. The house can be seen as a wonder both inside and out. It can also be seen as a perfect amalgamation of creativity, design, architecture, and innovation. The house was known as the most talked-about house in Sydney during the 1950s because of the same reasons we have seen. The house upturned all the conventional patterns and designs Sydney has ever seen in a suburban home design. This truly appreciated architectural gem is now open to the public to encounter and explore. If you are an art lover or a designer, you should definitely sign up for a walking tour and enjoy every bit of this most distinctive example of mid-20th-century modern domestic architecture. You will be able to enjoy the much-appreciated Bauhaus design as well as the elevated cubiform of the house with glass walls and its super finished look along with the daring vision presented for a new day of living.                  

    25 Martin Place

    Now you are familiar with Harry Seidler! Apart from the house mentioned above, the one he designed for his parents, there are many other architectural wonders in his credit including Blues Point Tower, Horizon Apartments, and Australia Square Tower. The 25 Martin Place can be seen as one such iconic architectural masterpiece created by Harry Seidler in 1978. The building was pretty popular for its record-breaking height during the time and was acknowledged as the tallest building in Australia, as well as one of its kind in the world. The recent retouch turned it into one of the finest public spaces in the heart of Sydney city.

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