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How to be the Coolest DJ on a New Year’s Eve Cruise

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    10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… the New Year countdown begins amidst the craziest cheers of an uncontrollable crowd! It was a wild night. DJ Ron cooked up a storm on the dance floor with a thrilling musical cocktail… not surprisingly, everyone danced till they dropped! Revellers were high on the festive frenzy... eager to raise a toast to new beginnings as they swayed to the rhythm of the special night…

    And as the clock struck 12, few ended up hugging the DJ out of sheer gratitude for an unforgettable night!

    While New Year’s Eve is a holy grail for DJ gigs – spicing up this occasion can either be cool or absolutely chaotic! DJing on New Year’s Eve dinner cruises in Sydney is a completely different experience altogether. So, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that will help you make a splash at a New Year’s Eve cruise party! Read on, if you wish to be as cool as DJ Ron!

    #1. Do a Good Soundcheck

    For an uninterrupted evening of fun and dancing, it is always a good idea to go for a proper soundcheck.

    To achieve this, the DJ must reach the party venue a couple of hours prior to the original boarding time. This leaves him ample time to check if everything is in place. Make sure the microphone is perfectly in order. Then, double-check to ensure that the amplifiers and the stereo system installed are fully functional.

    Tip: To avoid last-minute glitches, carry additional cords or gears onboard. A backup hard drive or an extension cord is always a saviour.

    After all, you don’t want to ruin the magic of a New Year’s Eve, do you?

    #2. Play the most Popular Numbers

    Sydney New Year's Eve cruises are all about ‘drinks’, ‘dine’ and ‘dance’! Also, the view of the dazzling NYE fireworks, alongside delicious dinners, set the festive temperature soaring. Undoubtedly, cruisers are in the mood to shake a leg or two and make the most of the New Year’s Eve cruising experience.

    Here’s how you can convince them to let their hair down… and hit the dance floor – simply play the trendiest songs of the bygone year. Play something that is familiar to almost everyone.

    Trust me, the audience will love grooving to their favourite music. And soon, the floor will be bursting with enthusiastic dancers!

    #3. Entertain Suggestions Wisely

    As the face of the party, a New Year’s Eve DJ can expect a lot of song requests from his audience. Especially while on a cruise, merrymakers don’t have the option to hop over to a different party venue. Naturally, they will constantly pester you with suggestions.  

    Try to tackle it with patience. And gradually you will realize the tempo of the crowd. The key is to include an intelligent mix of happening numbers.

    #4. Explore the Music Off-Lights On Formula

    By now, the New Year’s Eve cruise party is high on adrenaline, gyrating to your peppy music. As the concluding hours tick away to the final countdown, it’s time to jazz up the celebration with a twist!

    The magic formula is - the ‘Music Off, Lights On at Midnight’. It is a sure-shot ingredient of every DJ’s success, particularly on a New Year’s Eve cruise.

    As the Sydney sky lights up in massive, dazzling fireworks – raise the thrill with an exciting New Year countdown announcement! Before you do this, turn the music off. Switch on the dance floor lights. Allow the audience to enjoy the intensity of this very moment. Let people seize the New Year’s spirit in their own way – some might want to hug their friends or kiss a beloved while some might want to greet random strangers with a smile!

    Then, surprise them with the hottest tune of the entire night as the clock strikes 12:01..

    Hope these tips come in handy as you put the best foot forward to hook them up with music! Cruising past iconic landmarks on Sydney Harbour, you will enjoy one hell of a DJing experience aboard a New Year’s Eve cruise.

    So enjoy the perks of being an onboard DJ – and gear up to rock the party in style!