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How to have safer sex

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    How to have safer sex

    Safer sex is a way to reduce your risk of STIs and pregnancy. Penis-in-vagina sex Jaipur Call Girl is the main type of sex that can lead to pregnancy. Pregnancy could also occur if semen reaches the vagina during other forms of sex. STIs can be shared during all forms of sex where bodies and body fluids come in contact.

    The top ways to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs):

    1. Use barrier methods the correct way every time you have sex. Barrier methods should be used on body parts and toys for any vaginal, anal, or oral sex.

    Barrier methods include:

    • External condoms (sometimes called “male” condoms)
    • Internal condoms (sometimes called “female” condoms)
    • Latex or nitrile gloves
    • Dental dams 

    2. Use lots of condom-safe lubrication 

    3. Change condoms before switching between oral, vaginal, or anal sex

    4. Use a fresh condom or clean/sterilize sex toys when sharing

    5. Test for all STIs frequently, and encourage your partner to do the same

    Barrier methods significantly lower the risk of getting an STI. 

    6.They work by preventing each partner’s genitals and body fluids from coming into contact with the other partner’s body. 

    7. When used correctly every single time, condoms can also prevent pregnancy about 98% of the time with perfect use and 87% of the time with typical use. 

    8. You should always use a barrier method unless all partners have recently tested negative for an STI, and you are both sure that neither of you have had sex with Call Girl in Jaipur anyone else since the test. If you do not want to get pregnant you should use a condom everytime you have sex.


    What if my partner doesn’t want to use a condom?

    Protecting your health and feeling comfortable with all sexual activities is very important. Have open communication with your partner. If they pressure you to have unsafe sex, think about if they are a person you want to be with.

    STIs and STDs: prevention, symptoms, and treatments

    Every day, more than 1 million sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are acquired worldwide (9). But while STIs are extremely common, how much do you know about them? Did you know there are preventative steps you can take from contracting STIs? Did you know many STIs have no, or only mild symptoms? 

    Knowing some basic information may change the way you take precautions about sex in your own life.


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