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    Xi Fengxiao is self-aware. He knows very well that with his amazing memory, excellent talent, and strange fortune, he is almost familiar with the magical martial arts of all schools in the world. He can barely rank among the martial arts masters. However, his internal force cultivation should be gradual. He pays attention to one point of heat and one point of skill. He can never make up the number, so he is unwilling to fight hard. As soon as he dodged, he felt the strong wind pressing down on his head like a thunderbolt. He couldn't help but be shocked. "My life is over," he said secretly. At this time, Lu Manling saw that there were so many bandits that she wanted to get rid of the young man in Tsing Yi. If he died, the tight encirclement would be solved. As soon as she made up her mind, she suddenly found that Xi Fengxiao was already in the situation. She could not help scolding, "Let go!" The body snatches the air, the blue rainbow sword shakes the wrist to wave, only sees all over the sky cold Biao, ten thousand points Venus, the potential is like the Milky Way pouring down to attack the Tsing Yi youth. Before the sword arrived, the cold air had already forced his body like a needle. The young man in Tsing Yi was forced to withdraw his right arm, and his body slanted down to the ground. He quickly pulled out a Burmese steel soft sword under his flank. He shook his wrist and choked the place where the dragon sang, and the soft sword stretched out as straight as a pen. "The young man in Tsing Yi had a brilliant electric shot in his eyes, and there was a hidden motive for killing him." Miss Lu, "he said with a sneer," you're asking for trouble. No wonder. " The bandits approached one after another, spread out, pressed the blade, and waited for an order to attack together. Xi Fengxiao suddenly jumped out and pounced on a man in black with a sword. He rushed as fast as lightning, and the man in black waited for Xi Fengxiao to rush to the front before he realized it. He was so frightened that he raised his sword to pick it up, ran with cold light, and stabbed Xi Fengxiao at the seven dead points in his chest. With a sneer, Xi Fengxiao grabbed the sword and kicked his right leg on the shin of the man's left leg. With a snap, the shin was immediately broken, and with a scream, the man's body was kicked five or six feet away,Sex Enhancement Powder, and blood gushed like a spring. Xi Fengxiao immediately swept back to the original place, standing side by side with Lu Manling, left palm standing on the chest, right hand horizontal sword on the pick, foot hidden button meridian, body shape slightly. When the young man in Tsing Yi saw that Xi Fengxiao had killed one of his men, he could not help but change his color in horror when he saw that Xi Fengxiao had pinched his sword. In addition to the 72 schools of martial arts in Shaolin, there is a school of Bodhidharma's unique swordsmanship of "Subduing the Dragon and Subduing the Tiger", which has been listed as a secret in the past Dynasties. Only the disciples of the Supreme Master and those with excellent roots and bones, good conduct and profound cultivation have received this true biography. Although there is this rule, except for the Supreme Master, only a limited number of five people in the 23 generations of Shaolin have received this opportunity for hundreds of years. This set Only felt a strange chill in the bottom of my heart, and my eyes could not help showing a terrible light. Lu Manling also recognized the origin of Xi Fengxiao's Sword Tips. She couldn't help being surprised. She thought, "It seems that this man has a wide range of martial arts. No wonder he is so good at them." Then he said to the young man in Tsing Yi, "There is no difference between wild words. Please make a move immediately." The young man in Tsing Yi hesitated and hesitated, as if he were greatly embarrassed. Suddenly the wind sent a burst of Dongxiao sound, Theobromine Powder ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, melodious and pleasant, such as resentment, such as admiration, lingering side. The young man in Tsing Yi could not help but change his expression. With a wave of his palm, he turned around and fled. His bandits also fled one after another. The situation became too sudden, Lu Manling can not help but be stunned, turned to the small island in the middle of the lake, only to see the wind and dust God begging Sun Changyan rate four maidservants a pair of big men in a shuttle-shaped speedboat like an arrow, suddenly moored to the shore of the lake and swept up. Seven people of Zhangsun Yan were wounded, and the blood on his shoulder and back was still overflowing, and he looked excited and angry. "Is uncle all right?" Asked Lu Manling. Zhangsun Yan was full of anger and said with a sneer, "The old beggar can't die. They will have their own advantages in the future." Lu Manling said with a smile, "Do you know where this man came from?" When Zhangsun Yan heard this, he replied, "I am very familiar with Xiao Yin. I seem to be an old friend of Laohuazi, but I haven't met him for a long time. I heard that this man has passed away.." Xi Fengxiao sneered, "Are you the only one allowed to come to Daming Lake?" Zhangsun Yan could not help but be at a loss for words, and his eyes glared at Xi Fengxiao like a frost blade. Lu Manling was well aware of this uncle's habits, and she immediately stretched out her hand to fight with someone she didn't like. She was full of anger and ridicule. Therefore, although Laohuazi was famous in the martial arts world, he had a lot of enmity for this. He was about to speak out to persuade him, when he heard a loud voice coming from not far away: "Is Elder Zhangsun here?" Zhangsun Yan could not help but be stunned, looking along the sound, I saw a slender figure stepping on the silver moon, such as the floating forest. The distance was so close that he could see that the man was a commoner with a sword on his back. Zhangsun Yan was surprised and said, "Who is the Taoist?"? Laohuazi has never met before. The Taoist gave a loud laugh and said, "My teacher, Yuxiao Zhenren, has been a close friend of the elder Zhangsun in the past years. I have sent the poor Taoist to welcome the elder and others to have a chat." Zhangsun Yan couldn't help looking happy. "It's an old friend of Jiugong," he said kindly. "Why didn't your teacher come in person?" The Taoist replied, "My teacher moved to Dongyue five years ago. For a long time, he didn't ask about the rights and wrongs of Jianghu. He didn't want to meet his elder brother openly, so he retired with the law of Dongxiao Palace. My teacher is now in the place of the elder brother of the poor Taoist family. If he is allowed to do so, he will lead the way in front of the poor Taoist family." Zhangsun Yan laughed and said, "As soon as Laohuazi sees your teacher, the Taoist Priest will lead the way." The Taoist turned around and walked away. Zhangsun Yan said to Lu Manling, "Let's go!"! The bull nose must know the origin of the little thief in Tsing Yi. If he tells you, it will be helpful to you. Lu Manling bowed her head slightly and took a few steps. She found that Xi Fengxiao was still standing in the same place. It seemed that she didn't intend to go with him. She turned around and said, "Aren't you going?" Xi Fengxiao was in great trouble. If she didn't go with Lu Manling, she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to get the Bihong Sword. If she went with her, Sun Yan, the eldest son of Lu Manling, suspected that she had evil intentions, so she hesitated. After much deliberation, he decided to follow Lu Manling in the dark. Hearing Lu Manling's words, he couldn't help but be stunned. He shook his head and said with a smile, "The people outside the next game have seen the rough road and reached out to help. Now the girl has turned the corner. I'm going to say goodbye here. Please take care of yourself, girl!" The middle-aged Taoist suddenly stopped and turned around and said with a smile, "The old-timers are enemies, and their minions are still lurking around. If they don't hurry, I'm afraid they'll come back when they know that the family teacher hasn't come in person." Lu Manling said, "It's better for you to go with me,Thyroid Powder Factory, so that you won't be alone and helpless and have an accident. It's not too late to go after you've seen the real Yuxiao." A pair of star eyes in a veil gazed at Xi Fengxiao. Xi Fengxiao hesitated for a moment and replied with a sigh, "I would like to go with you." Walk slowly behind Lu Manling. Middle-aged Taoist figure spread out, unexpectedly faster and faster. pioneer-biotech.com