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The Great Road Forward,

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    Original Title: The Great Road Forward, Leaping to a New Highland, Going to the Sky and Entering the Sea, "Titanium" Is Not Simple A business card The hot-rolled titanium strip coil with a width of 2040 mm has set a new domestic record; the high-performance corrosion-resistant titanium welded pipe has become Key components of "Hualong One"; high strength and high toughness TC18 titanium alloy helps the development of domestic large aircraft Kunlong AG600. After more than 10 years of development, Hunan titanium processing has built an industrial chain from titanium sponge, titanium ingot, titanium strip coil to titanium welded pipe. The production and sales of titanium strip coil and titanium welded pipe rank first in the country. Titanium finishing series products have repeatedly filled the gaps in China, broken the monopoly of foreign countries, and applied to many "national treasures". Boom.. On May 28, in Jintian Titanium Cold-rolled Titanium Coil Manufacturing Workshop of Hunan Xiangtou Jintian Science and Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as "Xiangtou Jintian"), a special 20-axis rolling mill for cold-rolled titanium coils was working steadily. Inside the mill, a coil of dark silver titanium strip is being rolled to 0.5 mm. Soon, this high-quality titanium coil will become a key component in aircraft, ships, computers and communications electronics. Titanium is an important strategic metal with light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, which can be used in space, sea and other extremely complex working scenarios. The processing and development capability of titanium and titanium alloys has become one of the important standards to measure the advancement of a country in aerospace, navigation, nuclear power, deep-sea exploration and other scientific and technological fields. Due to the complexity of titanium smelting process and the difficulty of processing, only China, Russia, the United States and Japan have mastered the complete production technology of titanium industry. For more than a decade, Xiangtou Jintian has been focusing on titanium finishing, producing titanium strip coils, titanium welded pipes, titanium bars and other products, repeatedly filling domestic gaps, breaking foreign monopolies, applied to many "national heavy equipment", complementing Hunan's shortcomings in the strategic emerging materials industry, and solving a series of technical problems in China's titanium industry. 1. Roll out the widest hot-rolled titanium strip coil in China and participate in the project of "Deep-sea Climbing Robot" On January 9 this year, it was bleak and cold outdoors. On the 2250 hot continuous rolling line of Lianyuan Steel, a subsidiary of Hunan Iron and Steel Group, a remarkable product was slowly rolling out, gathering many warm eyes. "It's done!" The scene rang with cheers. After three months of efforts, Jintian Titanium and Lianyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. have successfully produced ultra-wide, thin and heavy hot-rolled titanium strip coils with a width of 2040 mm and a coil weight of 10.7 tons, creating the history of the widest hot-rolled titanium strip coils in China. Expand the full text "This product has refreshed our own record and further broadened the category specifications of Jintian Titanium Hot Rolled Coil." Liu Zhengqiao, Minister of Technology of Jintian Titanium, told reporters that the wider the titanium strip coil, the wider the direct application scenario and the greater the value, and also avoided the cost increase and quality risk of welding strip. The rolling of titanium,titanium round bar, especially the rolling of wide and thin, is not easy. On May 28, in Hunan Xiangtou Jintian Titanium Metal Co., Ltd., the rolled titanium strip was neatly stacked. Photo by Tong Di, all-media reporter of Hunan Daily Liu Zhengqiao introduced that titanium has the characteristics of high strength, low thermal conductivity and not easy to deform. When it is used as a molding material, these are advantages. That's the "disadvantage". Because it is difficult to deform and easy to break, the requirements of titanium rolling for raw materials, temperature, strength, humidity and other parameters during rolling are particularly delicate. The wider or thinner the roll, the higher the likelihood of defects. This time the temperature is low, the next time the strength is not enough, we need to repeat the simulation test, we can only work hard. Liu Zhengqiao described,3d titanium wire, "Titanium is particularly active at high temperatures, like a wild horse, and the process of taming is particularly difficult." Once rolled, a crack defect appeared on the roll surface of titanium strip. Liu Zhengqiao and his team studied it for several days, but they could not find the reason. There is no shortcut to tackle key technical problems. The whole team collected data from the rolling line for several years, looked through them for several months, ruled out dozens of possibilities, and then came to several suspected conclusions. Then it was simulated repeatedly on the computer, and it took another month or so to finally eliminate the cracks. How strong is the performance of the "tamed" high-quality titanium coil? The assistant general manager of Jintian Titanium was introduced by Kong Qi. : "It is widely used in ships, submarines, deep-sea detectors and so on, such as making shells and structural parts of some key parts." In recent years, Jintian Titanium has participated in the research and development of major national science and technology projects such as "Deep-sea Climbing Robot", mainly responsible for the main structure and the cabin production of electronic components. Jiang Biao, the project leader, introduced that the design depth of the deep-sea climbing robot reached 1000 meters to 1500 meters. "Titanium is extremely corrosion-resistant, strong and lightweight, making it particularly suitable for use in the ocean, so it also has the reputation of'ocean metal '," he said. 2. Successfully applied to "Hualong 1", rewriting the global titanium welded pipe industry pattern In November 2020, the localization project of the first set of high-performance titanium welded pipes for condensers of "Hualong 1" was launched in Jintian New Material, which belongs to Hunan Investment Jintian. This is an important part of the localization and autonomy of key equipment and materials for nuclear power, and a landmark event in the process of localization of nuclear power. Ye Qizhen, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and expert of nuclear reactor and nuclear power engineering, praised the scene. This humble welded pipe is not to be underestimated. Li Junzhao, deputy manager of Jintian New Material Technology Department, introduced that China's nuclear power plants are basically built at the seaside, and titanium welded pipes in nuclear power projects are mainly used to load seawater and circulate in nuclear power units to cool them. In a nuclear power unit, there are more than 100000 titanium welded pipes, otherwise how can they be key equipment? "Hualong 1" is a major landmark achievement in the innovation and development of nuclear power in China. Titanium welded pipes used in it are not allowed to have any defects, Titanium welding pipe ,Titanium welding pipe, and their service life is required to exceed 30 years. On May 28, in the production line of Hunan Xiangtou Jintian Titanium Metal Co., Ltd., the staff of the degreasing unit were operating the degreasing machine. Photo by Tong Di, all-media reporter of Hunan Daily It is not difficult to imagine how difficult it is to develop this tube. The titanium welded pipe used in "Hualong No.1" is about 18 meters long, 2.1 centimeters in diameter, about the size of a mineral water bottle cap, and only 0.5 millimeters thick. Seawater is highly corrosive, and its diameter is short and its thickness is thin, so its welding forming and heat treatment process requirements are extremely high. Li Junzhao said that the indicators of nuclear grade titanium welded pipes are more than twice as strict as those of conventional titanium welded pipes. At the same time, like rolling titanium strip coil, any defect of titanium welded pipe, whether it is the wrong welding parameters, large welding current, or the inclusion of raw materials, rolling process problems, need to be thoroughly investigated. At that time, we were divided into three groups, namely, roller and forming, welding and testing, and material and heat transfer research. In many cases, the three groups have to meet together to study, and then verify one by one, repeatedly adjust the parameters, rollers, to find a solution to the problem. Li Junzhao recalls. After more than 1000 days and nights of tackling key problems, Jintian New Material produced high-performance corrosion-resistant titanium welded pipes in line with the "Hualong 1" condenser standard in 2019, breaking through the technological monopoly and market blockade of foreign countries on titanium welded pipes for nuclear power condensers, and gradually realizing export, rewriting the global industrial pattern of titanium welded pipes. 3, 8 years gnaw down the "hard bone" to help the development of domestic large aircraft On May 31, the Kunlong AG600 full-state new configuration fire extinguisher, a large-scale fire fighting/water rescue amphibious aircraft independently developed by China, made its first successful flight in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. On the spot, Kunlong AG600 taxied and took off from Zhuhai Jinwan Airport, and successively completed the test flight tasks of constant speed climb, level flight deceleration, pole release flight, simulated approach and go-around. It landed safely after 20 minutes of flight in the air, and all systems operated stably. This big guy, whose landing gear is made of TC18 titanium alloy, is developed by Jintian Titanium Industry. Kunlong AG600 is one of the "three brothers" of China's large aircraft. Its maximum takeoff weight is 60 tons and its maximum water carrying capacity is 12 tons, which fills the gap of domestic large aviation fire-fighting aircraft. Imagine how much pressure the landing gear will be under when this plane hits the ground. Titanium alloy is the best choice to be both hard and light. In 2011, Jintian Titanium Industry, a subsidiary of Hunan Investment Jintian, took over this hard "bone". How hard is this "bone"? One of the unremarkable ones. The problem of "black spots" has been a headache for the R & D team for nearly a year. Pipes placed in the high-performance titanium welded pipe production workshop of Xiangtou Jintian New Material Co., Ltd. Photo by Li Bobin "Black spot" is caused by uneven material structure or composition segregation. The existence of black spots can easily lead to micro-cracks in products and bury hidden dangers of fracture. Yang Sheng, general manager of Xiangtou Jintian and then chief expert of Jintian Titanium Industry, told reporters. In order to optimize the forging process, the research team has been working in a workshop with a temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius for a long time, keeping a close eye on every detail and parameter of the forging process for a whole day; every time they go to the partner to communicate details. The team went straight to the forging workshop to improve the emerging problems at the first time. Finally, after eight years of "fierce battle", the team developed TC18 titanium alloy with high strength and toughness, which met the requirements of Kunlong AG600 and made Xiangtou Jintian stand firm in the field of aerospace. At present, Hunan Investment Jintian has strong technical strength in high-performance titanium alloy bars such as aircraft engine blades, aircraft frames and aerospace components, and has become one of the three major suppliers of high-end titanium alloy materials for aviation in China. Xiangtou Jintian has formed a complete titanium industry chain from materials to components to equipment. In the future, it will continue to carry out research and development of high-end titanium materials such as aerospace and nuclear power industries, and make more explorations in the fields of aero-engine, deep-sea equipment and medical, computer, communication and electronic products, so as to better serve the country and society. Peng Dan, vice chairman of Hunan Investment Jintian, told reporters that the trend of titanium processing is more and more alloying and ultra-thin, and the application scenarios of titanium will continue to expand. Youth Watch Forge themselves like titanium. Liu Zhengqiao (Minister of Jintian Titanium Technology Department) As a rare metal, titanium has the advantages of high hardness and strong corrosion resistance. From aircraft, ships, nuclear power and other scientific and technological fields to bicycles, badminton rackets, glasses frames and other daily fields, titanium is the top material that can not only go to the sky and sea, but also start with, and is known as the "future metal". I am very lucky, after graduating from university, I became a scientific researcher of titanium materials. I have been in the industry for more than ten years. It is an honor to participate in and witness the growth and rise of high-end titanium industry in Hunan. Over the past decade, the most proud and unforgettable thing for me is the determination of Hunan Titanium Material people to devote themselves to the development of high-end titanium materials and their unswerving will to take the road of innovation. Many people don't know that when Hunan's titanium processing started in 2007, there was no production line. We boldly initiated the "titanium-steel combination" mode, and rolled out the first domestic heavy and wide hot-rolled titanium strip coil on the rolling mill of Lianyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., rewriting the history. Tang Renbo, an expert in titanium metal research, resolutely returned to Hunan after retirement. As a technical leader, Tang Lao not only led the development of technology, but also trained a large number of technical backbone. Now Tang Lao is over 80 years old and is still guiding scientific research work on the front line. When participating in the development of Kunlong AG600 aircraft landing gear, in order to solve the problem of "black spot" of TC18 titanium alloy that has plagued the industry for many years, the technical team of Jintian Titanium Industry has continuously optimized the process, which took more than 270 days to overcome the problem. Very moved, the older generation and colleagues around him devoted themselves to the research of titanium processing, day and night, forgetting the time and themselves; very proud I am also a member of Hunan Titanium Material, and I have participated in many studies to fill the gaps in history, and I have a great sense of gain. There is no end to scientific research. My ideal is to forge myself like titanium, withstand all kinds of rigorous tests, and make my own contribution to China's titanium industry. Source | Hunan Daily · New Hunan Client Reporter | Wang Liang Editor: Tian Mengyao Proofreading by Li Xufeng and He Zhiping Reviewer Fang Xing returns to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor: (function() { function getBrandHtml() { var brands = [],nickel titanium wire, html = ''; for(var i = 0; i < brands.length; i++) { var brand = brands[i]; if(brands.length i+1) { html+= ''+brand.name+''; } else { html+= ''+brand.name+'、'; } } return html; }; if(document.getElementById('linkBtn')){ document.getElementById('linkBtn').onclick = function() { $('#brands').removeClass('brand');$ ( '# tipInfo').text ( 'Real name responded'); $ ('#linkBtn').remove();$ ('.real-response .content').css('line-height', '20px');$ ('.real-response .time').css('line-height', '20px'); }; document.getElementById('brands').innerHTML = getBrandHtml(); }; })();。 yunchtitanium.com

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