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I want to enjoy vape in a box

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    More and more smokers are becoming interested in vaping against the backdrop of the decreasing number of smoking spaces in the city. There are several types of vape devices, from those that are easy to use to those that can be customized freely, but it is not uncommon for smokers to be at a loss when choosing a box-type device, especially those that are considered for intermediate or advanced users. In this issue, we will explain in detail how to choose a box-type vape and the most popular items.

    What is the appeal of the box-type vape?

    There is no superiority or inferiority among vape devices, and you should choose a vape device according to your purpose and preference. Here, we will explain in detail the advantages and attractions of using a box-type device.

    Large battery capacity is convenient when you are out and about

    One of the advantages of box-type vapes is that they have a high-capacity battery, which is necessary for heating flavored liquids. However, box vapes have a larger battery capacity than other devices, so they can be used for a longer period of time without needing to be recharged frequently. If you use your vape on the go, for example, or if you feel that charging is a hassle, a box-type vape is perfect for you.

    Adjustable output and temperature to your preference

    Another appeal of box-type vapes is that they are highly customizable. Box vapes can be adjusted to provide the optimal flavor for each liquid you use, because the amount of power supplied by the battery can be adjusted. In other words, by changing the power output, you can customize the flavor of the flavored liquid and the amount of smoke to your liking, allowing you to enjoy a wide range of flavors from a single liquid by making adjustments. Some products also have a "temperature control function" that prevents the device from becoming too hot, which is useful if you have adjusted the device beyond the limit to increase the amount of smoke.

    Points to consider when choosing a box-type vape

    However, when it comes time to try a box-type vape, there are many types to choose from, and the terminology can be confusing. In many cases, especially for beginners, it is difficult to know which one to choose, so here we will explain in detail the points to keep in mind when choosing a box-type vape.

    Battery capacity

    One way to choose a box-type vape is based on the battery capacity. The capacity of the battery is expressed in mAh (milliampere-hour), and the higher this number is, the larger the capacity. The capacity of a box-type battery ranges from 1,000 to 1,300 mAh, depending on the product, so if you choose a battery with a capacity of 2,000 mAh or more for use when you are out and about, you can use it throughout the day without worrying about recharging.

    However, no matter how large the battery capacity is, it will be meaningless if the liquid in the atomizer runs out. In fact, the coils and cotton will burn easily, so it is recommended that you choose a tank with a larger capacity to hold the liquid as well. Of course, the required capacity will vary depending on the adjustment and the number of times you smoke, but you should be able to use around 10 ml without any problems.

    MOD type

    The battery part of a box-type vape is called a "mod," and there are two types of mods by different vape manufacturers: technical mods and mechanical mods. A technical mod is a type of mod that can be set to a certain degree by the user, but other detailed settings are adjusted automatically. On the other hand, a mechanical mod requires a certain level of knowledge and is therefore more difficult to operate. Therefore, if you are not used to operating a box-type vape, or if you are a beginner and are learning from the beginning, it is better to start with a technical mod to prevent problems.

    Coil resistance

    When selecting a box-type vape, the "coil resistance" is also an important criterion. The resistance value of the coil affects the amount of smoke, which is an important factor in enjoying a vape, and while you may have an image of smoking a vape in a so-called "smoke explosion," the resistance value has a great deal to do with creating this smoke explosion. The unit of resistance value is called "ohm (ohm)," and the lower the value, the more smoke is produced. Therefore, when selecting a vape based on resistance value, if you want to enjoy vaping with an explosive smoke, choose a vape with a resistance value of less than 1 ohm, and if you want to enjoy vaping with a normal amount of smoke, choose a vape with a resistance value of 1 ohm or higher to get a smoke volume close to your image. In the case of box-type vape, the range of coil resistance value is wide from 0.1Ω to 2Ω or more, so it is recommended to choose a product according to the amount of smoke you prefer.

    Leak-proof case

    When carrying a box-type vape, it is also recommended to use a case that prevents leakage. Vape is an electronic cigarette that uses liquid, so there is a small risk of leakage. If you carry your vape in a case, you can prevent your other belongings from getting soggy in case the liquid leaks out. It also protects the vape from damage and dirt. Some of these cases are specially designed for vape use, but there is no problem with commercially available cases. Let's decide on the hardness and size according to your purpose so that you can carry your vape neatly and easily.

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