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How to choose an e-cigarette

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    Unlike heated cigarettes, VAPEs are characterized by their wide choice of flavors and aromas and the freedom to customize them, so there is a big difference in cost performance depending on how you choose and use them. Here, we will focus on the cost performance of VAPEs and introduce some points to consider when choosing a VAPE with good cost performance.

    Inexpensive price

    Unlike paper cigarettes, electronic cigarettes require the purchase of the main unit as the initial cost. In other words, the total cost depends on the price of the main unit, so choosing a Vape with a low main unit price will help you save money. Once you have purchased the initial unit, you only need to purchase the consumables thereafter, so the longer you use the vape, the cheaper it will be compared to a paper cigarette. E-cigarette batteries last about two years under typical use, but their lifespan varies depending on the amount of smoke and how often they are recharged. Therefore, even inexpensive e-cigarettes can be used for a long time by making sure not to charge more than necessary and adjusting the battery so that it does not produce too much smoke, further improving the cost performance.

    Low output

    Some vape items are known as "smoke-exploding" vapes, which can emit a lot of smoke. The amount of vapor produced by the "smoke bomb" type vape is high, and it is a popular type of vape because it provides a satisfying smoking experience. However, the amount of liquid consumed to produce the large amount of vapor increases, resulting in higher costs than normal. In addition, the battery must be recharged frequently, and the life of the battery becomes shorter and shorter. Therefore, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution, it is better to choose a low-power type rather than an explosive type. If you feel that the amount of smoke is not enough, it is possible to increase the amount of smoke by replacing parts, although it will cost more. Therefore, the key to choosing a cost-effective vape is to choose a vape with a low unit price and low output.

    Recommendation of 3 cosmetically pleasing e-cigarettes

    We have already told you that a vape with a low price and low power output is cosmetically pleasing, but here we will introduce three types of vapes that are popular among actual vape users in terms of cosmetics. If you are not sure which product to choose, please take a look at them for reference.


    Usually, when you purchase a vape, a set of 5-10ml liquid comes with one or two vapes, but in the case of the EMILI MINI+, 10 bottles of 5ml liquid are included in the set, making it a highly rated product by users for its excellent cost performance. The "Automatic Aspiration System" is a feature that is highly evaluated by users. The "automatic suction system" is adopted for the function, and the power is turned on by simply sucking on the device, which is very convenient. In addition, the user can choose from 32 different flavors of liquid, allowing the user to try many different tastes and aromas. Priced at 4,980 yen including tax, it is very compact, easy to carry around, and stylish in appearance, making it suitable for use by all generations.

    Vitaful charger

    The Vitaful charger is a cartridge-type e-cigarette made by China vape factory that is highly reputed for its cost-effectiveness, as it can be used for approximately 500 vapes when fully charged once. The stick-type design makes it easy to use and carry around, so it can be used quickly and easily for a change of pace. There are six flavors to choose from, ranging from standard menthol flavors to fruity flavors such as muscat, and five replacement cartridges are included in each box. The starter kit, which includes a battery, charger, and two cartridges, is priced at 1,598 yen including tax, and the replacement flavor cartridges are also priced at 1,598 yen including tax per box, making it easy to try.

    C-Tec DUO

    C-Tec DUO is a cartridge-type vape that contains vitamin C in all seven flavors. The starter kit with two types of cartridges costs 2,484 yen including tax, and a box of five flavor cartridges costs 2.160 yen including tax, This is a recommended product if you want to enjoy vaping at a reasonable price while taking care of your health.

    1. Which e-cigarette liquid is the best cosmetic liquid? We have introduced some recommended products when choosing a vape machine with an emphasis on cosmetics, but here we will discuss three types of "liquid" that are highly reputed by users for their cosmetic qualities. In addition, although the sale of nicotine-containing liquids is prohibited in Japan, importation of up to 120 ml per month is permitted for personal use. Based on this assumption, we will introduce three types of liquids, including nicotine-containing liquids.

    libertyflights new spearmint 50-50

    Libertyflights is a British vape brand, and "libertyflights new spearmint 50-50" is a 10ml type vape liquid. One bottle of this liquid is equivalent to seven boxes of paper cigarettes, making it a very cost-effective product. And while the price remains the same, you can choose from 0.6%, 1.2%, or 1.8% nicotine content. As for taste and aroma, it has a sweeter taste than peppermint, with a mild, refreshing aroma. This popular item is highly rated by users for its mint-gum-like flavor, and is recommended if you are not a fan of strong menthol or prefer mint flavors. And one of the reasons why it is said to be cost-effective is that the price is only 1,000 yen, even though one stick is equivalent to seven packs of paper cigarettes. It is perfect for daily use as well as for relaxation.

    nktr ICE Citrus

    nktr" is a brand of vape liquid that is said to faithfully reproduce the flavor of fruits, and is popular in places such as Los Angeles and California. The liquids are formulated by experienced sommeliers and are characterized by a somewhat savory flavor. Among them, "nktr ICE Citrus" has a strong lemon flavor with a refreshing lime aroma and a sweet but refreshing aftertaste that is highly evaluated. With a large capacity of 60 ml per bottle, it can be used in large quantities, and with a price of 3,750 yen including tax, it is very cost-effective. The nicotine content can be selected from 0.3% and 0.6%.