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size of the Queen Frame

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    What is the size of the Queen Frame?

    The dimensions of a Queen Bed in Ft frame can vary a bit based on the design. But, every frame will be built around queen size mattress These figures will give us an approximate estimate of the dimensions of the frame.

    Standard dimensions for queen beds are 60 by 80 inches which is 5 feet by six feet 8 inches.

    Since this is referring to how big the bed the frame can be estimated to have an additional 2-5 inches to accommodate the volume in the frame. Thus, a standard queen-sized bed frame will probably be between 62 and 65 inches. between 82 and 85 inches.

    Simple bed frames like traditional rail frames made of metal or simple platform frames made of slats, are likely to have a slim profile and will not make a huge difference to the typical queen size mattress.

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    Bed frames that have footboards or headboards typically add bulk. Based on the design, you can expect to add three to five inches more than the dimensions of the mattress.

    Platform beds and bed frames with storage could add more volume. If you are looking for larger pieces, contact the manufacturer for the exact measurements.

    If you're in the market for a queen bed frame, you should examine specific measurements prior to buying. The ideal way to do this is to take measurements of the area you intend to put the bed frame to determine how it will fit.

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    What do you think of California Queen, or Olympic Queen?

    The dimensions mentioned above correspond to a standard queen-sized mattress that is the most sought-after mattress size. Although it is rare, different versions of the queen are available. For instance, there is the Olympic queen as well as the California queen each with distinct dimensions.

    California queen mattresses measure 60 inches wide and the length of 84 inches. They have the same size as a normal queen, and have an extra four inches of room to accommodate those who are taller. The dimensions of a California queen-sized bed could range between 62 x 65 inches and 86 inches 99.5 inches, based on the design.

    Olympic queen mattresses measure in the range of 66 inches wide and eight feet long. They give 6 inches more width to the normal queen size. A Olympic queen frame for a bed will range between 68 x 82 inches and 71x85 inches, based on the design.

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