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What Is a Green Roof?

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    Green roofs, or living or vegetated roofs, serve as well-contained green spaces over a human-made structure. As the time forges ahead, people begin to adopt sustainable solutions. Green roof technology is a demanding green solution for architectural design. A green roof is partially or fully covered in vegetation, offering various benefits. If you want to install a green roof for your house or business, consulting with an expert roofing contractor in Redding can help. Experts have knowledge and expertise in suggesting and installing the best roof type.


    A Green Roof or Eco-Roof has Several Benefits as Follows: 


    1. Improved Insulation Levels

    Since a green roof is like an insulator, it reduces heating and cooling costs, increasing your home's or building's efficiency.

    2. Extended Lifespan of The Roof

    The layers of a green roof, such as soil mixture and plants, safeguard the waterproof membranes from harsh sunlight, increasing their lifespan.

    3. Improved Drainage

    Green roofs can absorb 40% of water during a rainstorm. In addition, the roof discharges excess water after the rainstorm for better drainage.

    4. Enhanced Air Quality

    Plants and vegetation promote clean air promoting oxygen.

    5. Recreational Purpose

    Intensive green roofs offer the opportunity to create gardens and recreation spaces, providing a beautiful look. It also provides shelter to native birds.


    Types of a Green Roof


    1. Extensive Green Roofs

    These are low-maintenance and low-cost options because they need no drainage or irrigation systems. However, extensive green roofs offer a limited variety of green covering, such as sedum, mosses, and grass.

    2. Intensive Green Roofs

    Intensive green roofs can be expensive because they include deep soil, irrigation, and drainage systems. However, these roofs offer various plant varieties and allow the creation of recreation spaces on building tops.

    3. Semi-Intensive Green Roofs

    Semi-intensive green roofs are medium-priced and offer low maintenance costs. In addition, since they have a deep soil system, growing various plant varieties can be possible. 


    Layers of a Green Roof

    • Roof deck
    • Waterproof membrane
    • Soil-filter fabric
    • Lightweight soil mix
    • Drought-tolerant plants

    Green roofs are popular in European countries like Germany and are becoming popular in the United States. It feels good to see different plants thriving on eco-roofs. According to experts, green roofs can be installed on all homes. If you have a commercial building and want to install a green roof, consulting with an expert in commercial roofing in Redding can help.



    A green roof is an eco-friendly roof covering and offers numerous benefits. It covers conventional roof coverings such as tiles and shingles. Installing green roofs can promote air purity and bring a soothing effect on the temperature. Since every home and project is unique, considering the loading capacity is necessary. Consulting with an expert can help you decide the best option for your home or business.

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