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The Ultimate Guide to women empowerment

  • As a lady of Z. generation, I have seen women breaking boundaries in so many https://www.washingtonpost.com/newssearch/?query=women empowerment ways, I have seen women empowerment taking its shape into a giant goddess of admiration and change. Ladies throughout the country and the world are creating great stories through their actions and determination, we have seen strong ladies run businesses and countries by now. Women empowerment is constantly showing its benevolent power.

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    But if you go back to the 80s or 90s, Successful women – working & ruling the world would sound like a joke. our Dadi’s and Nani’s lived a life of compromise and adjustments. They might be respected the same but never had the same kind of freedom and scope for growth as a girl in this generation enjoys & for that. – all thanks to women empowerment.

    Women EmpowermentSource – pexels

    But when it rains, each plant in the garden gets some water and in the rain of development and growth because of Women empowerment, the oldies also got sprinkled with the water of inspiration. Women empowerment is reflected in the life of some stubborn and optimistic Dadi’s and Nani’s as well.

    Here, we are going to introduce you to some hardworking ‘up 60 but not retired’ ladies of this flourishing age of women empowerment who have proven that age is just a number.

    1. Harbhajan Kaur, At 94 Become A Witness Of Women Empowerment

    Meet our first superhero Mrs Harbhajan Kaur famous for her ‘besan di barfis’ from Chandigarh. 94-year-old Chandigarh resident Harbhajan Kaur demonstrates that everything is possible in life, at any time. If one is passionate about what they want to do and makes the time for it, they can overcome all obstacles and succeed.

    Women Empowerment Source – Instagram

    Five years ago at 90, she thought it was time to do something of her own, she wanted to feel the breeze of independence, as she was ready to embrace the era of Women empowerment.

    In 2016, The discussion began when Raveena Suri questioned the 94-year-old aspiring entrepreneur about her regrets in life. Harbhajan Kaur expressed remorse over not working for herself to her daughter Raveena Suri.

    She claimed that although she was content with her life, her main regret was not working. On hearing this, Raveena Suri felt the need to erase this regret from her life. Raveena lived in the era of Women empowerment and she decided to empower her own mother.

    The second thing she did was inspire her mother to start a business creating delectable delicacies that her family enjoyed. This was the origin story of the Harbhajan family, who are known for their besan barfi and various pickles. She remembered the times when her mother had everything at home and would make sweets, squashes, and sherbets. However, her mother didn’t get any credit for what she accomplished as a mother.

    Her granddaughter gave her an idea to sell barfis so that’s what she did and sold out her first order and made Rs2000 that day and ever since then she had been building her brand ‘Harbhajan’s- Bachpan Yaad Aajaye (You will remember your childhood)’ which is being sold on the shelves of their homegrown grocery store in Chandigarh.

    The phrase Bachpaan Yaad Aaygi is one of her company’s most endearing features; it transports us back to our younger selves. She always had the support of her granddaughter and daughter. The branding and packaging of the food products are handled by her granddaughter. The trio is proof that if a woman stands next to another the team can create wonders, women empowerment has taught us the power of unity.

    Women empowermentsource – Facebook

    Mrs Harbhajan is not only famous for her best-selling dish ‘barfis’ but her seasonal creations like sharbat, jam, achar, and halwa. Ever since her success, she has gained more than 12k followers on Instagram. Her granddaughter keeps shooting reels and videos for her Instagram.

    When asked about the expansion of the company, Raveena responded beautifully. She claimed that her mother’s newly acquired confidence is what she views as growth. She is growing because she is talking to her clients, receiving well-deserved praise, and conducting interviews. Her mother’s life has effectively changed as a result of this new endeavor.

    Over the course of her four-year entrepreneurial career, she has produced over 500kg of barfi, and her entire family has joined the firm. They are considering hiring more staff in light of the volume of calls they receive about questions and requests.

    She has received praise for her efforts from a select few renowned people, like Captain Amarinder Singh and Anand Mahindra. Captain Amarinder Singh stated he would love to try her famous barfi, while Anand Mahindra referred to her as the year’s most successful entrepreneur.

    Mrs. Kaur often says, “Beta ek vaar pair rakhan do jagaah banao te behan di jagga mil hi jaandi hai (Once

    you make space to put your foot, you definitely get the place to sit too).”

    Our Nani’s and Dadis always focused on the brighter side of life and that is what pushed them to deal all headship in the times of up and down and today they are witness to the growth Women empowerment gave to each woman of the country.

    Knowing that she still works and finds it rewarding despite her advanced age is both strong and heartwarming and proof that Women empowerment can create marvels in the kitchen or anywhere the strong will lies.

    2. Seema Anand & Her Voice of Desire

    Age gives you knowledge and knowledge is power. This is proven well by the sexologies and scholar seems Anand At an age when people are expected to talk only about spiritual things Seems Anand focuses on talking about the spirituality of bodies and touch. It’s all because of women empowerment that women finally got their voices back after a long dominating era of patriarchy.

    Women empowermentSource – Instagram

    The mythologist and storyteller Seema Anand is based in London. She has attracted a lot of attention by discussing the Kama Sutra publicly on her Instagram account, “seemaanandstorytelling,” as well as by emphasising the value of being physically, emotionally, and mentally present with your partner.

    She finds power in pleasure and sensuality, which are considered wicked. It’s the result of strong women ready to accept themselves for who they are. Anand’s backbone is the confidence women empowerment gave to the society to present India.

    She has authority on the Kama Sutra and has spent the last 20 years studying the Kama Shastras. She is the author of “The Art of Seduction,” and her related TED talk has received more than 8 million views.

    The Kama Sutra was revived by Seema and made available to readers in the twenty-first century. The Art of Seduction, her book, was released on February 19, 2019. Her goal is to demonstrate that sensuality and seduction are complex issues that should be present in our daily lives as a condition of mind.

    Seema once stated that her major goal in authoring the book was to “make the concept of seduction a part of everyday life.” Seduction, according to Vatsyayan, ought to be a psychological state for yourself rather than an “event.”

    It was impossible to imagine women talking about sex openly 50 years back but the result of correct and strong women empowerment is in front of us in the form of Seema Anand’s book. The history of Vedic India is filled with scholar women who talked about bodies and souls and the concept of oneness, but time drained the space of creativity in women. today in the year 2022 we are free to think whatever we like, we have the right and atmosphere for speaking our minds out loud all thanks to the women empowerment

    3. Ravi Bala Sharma At 62 Became The Dancing Dadi

    When the world was swirling fast this Dadi doll women empowerment was spinning in the waves of women empowerment and was making her every day a light show. This is a story of lost love, passion and newfound love in self.

    She was always urged to follow her long-lost enthusiasm for dancing by her late husband. He wanted to watch her perform onstage despite being given a cancer diagnosis in 2016. Sadly, he died suddenly before he could witness her perform.

    Her sister and kids noticed that the loss of her husband was having a negative psychological and emotional impact on her. They stepped in and urged her to carry out his final desire by dancing more. That’s how she got the opportunity to dance on the song “Murli Manohar,”.

    Women EmpowermentSource – Instagram

    Even in her 60s, Ravi Bala Sharma, a.k.a. “The Dancing Dadi,” continues to pursue her passion. Her graceful reels show her moving and grooving to the music with such enthusiasm that it would make anyone smile. Ravi made the decision to focus all of her sorrow on her other love in order to overcome her trauma, women empowerment gave her the songs to fly one more time.

    Ravi had no idea that this accomplishment was just the beginning of her second inning, during which time she would continue to overcome age-related preconceptions and rise to fame on social media. she prove to the world that women empowerment was a much-needed element for many to survive and many. to thrive.

    When her son uploaded a clip of her dancing in 2020, her Instagram journey officially began. Recognition followed soon, and she eventually gathered nearly 2,00,000 followers.

    Ravi hasn’t been afraid to try out many genres of music, whether it be an old classic song like “Piya tose naina lage” (Guide; 1965), an upbeat song like “Ghagra” (Yeh Jawaani

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