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The characteristics of different types of rings

  • Floral diamond ring features:

    1. Inspired by the bride's bouquet, the curved and rounded six PAWS are wrapped with diamonds like petals, and the ring holder base is like a beautiful silk ribbon interwoven with flowers, silky and soft.


    1. A diamond ring is not only made of exquisite materials, outstanding technology, but also capable of conveying meaningful emotions. This diamond ring uses the classic six-clawed crown inlay technique, with demanding requirements for stability and symmetry. Maybe it's what you're looking for.


    1. In the middle of the petals, each diamond is tightly wrapped with four claws inlaid, with absolute perfect firmness, enjoying the visual feast of "carat".


    1. Inspired by the lotus flowers after the rain, the whole ring looks like the fragrance of water sleeves. Lotus-shaped waves spread out like ripples. The lotus that ring arm line foils more show soft beauty.


    1. The hollow side shapes the beauty of the flower, releasing the diamond bright and colorful


    1. Simple and refreshing flower shape, fresh temperament.


    Characteristics of light luxury diamond ring:

    1. Delicate interactive ring arm, making fingers slender and slender. Shining diamond group inlay design, create gorgeous and elegant temperament. Unique fire color extension design, far more than the actual visual effects. The twining ring arm is embedded with diamond buds, which magnifies the main diamond by about 50%.


    1. The improved version of the three stone, the unique hollow design on the side adds a unique interest to the ring, the main and auxiliary fire color of the drill reflect each other, making the ring vivid and clever, the unique fire color extension design, far more than the actual visual effects.


    1. The "floating" set Qin, in guarantee with strong at the same time, give diamond pavilion of space and light fusion, thereby boosting diamond fire visual sense.


    1. Luxurious surround the design of drill money, will a circle of small drill around 4 claw inlay the main drill, one look, as dazzling as the stars support the moon. With the whole ring set small diamond foil the main diamond, box echo to add bright degree. The design of the closed ring arm makes the fingers slimmer and highlights the area of the diamond.


    1. Four paws inlaid with polka dots, with the round group inlaid ring arm made by seiko technology, the whole ring presents a feeling of pearl, meaning that love is complete and mellow. The dewdrops on the ring arm are drawn down to the center to highlight the main diamond


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