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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Jewelry

  • 01 Emotional satisfaction

    This is a purchase motivation based on the pursuit of emotional satisfaction. Marilyn Monroe once said, "Jewelry is a woman's best friend."Diamonds are a symbol of eternal love and fidelity.


    02 Modern symbol

    This is a purchase motivation characterized by the pursuit of fashion and novelty. Seek new consumer to have certain economic condition more...


    03 Give gifts

    This is an incentive to buy jewelry as a gift. Such consumers have clear incentives to buy.


    04 Beautiful symbol

    As the saying goes, "Jewelry and beauty are the only things a woman can't live up to." Jewelry has aesthetic and decorative value, which is a kind of purchase motivation characterized by the pursuit of artistic value and appreciation value of jewelry.


    05 Status symbol

    Since ancient times, jewelry has been the symbol of status and power, and has become the concrete embodiment of the status symbol of royalty. Now it's part of your personal style. Today, some rapidly rich consumers, facing the glittering world of jewelry, they show surprise, joy...


    06 Symbol of wealth

    As we all know, gold and silver has been the embodiment of asset money since ancient times. To this day, gold remains the reserve of choice for many national treasuries. Jewellery, unlike gold and silver, has not been used as currency in this respect, but it is more valuable as a reserve asset. In fact, the royal family of successive countries, princes and officials, the jewelry library of the Iranian royal family, are stored with many famous high-end jewelry. The amount of precious and rare jewelry is often an indicator of royal wealth and power.


    07 Investment value

    Of course, we must have heard a lot about the investment value of jewelry. Jewelry investment is characterized by strong professionalism. Require investors to have the corresponding knowledge, appreciation ability, artistic level and so on. So investment jewelry, not only can obtain income, but also can cultivate people's culture. Jewelry is a more value elastic collection and investment variety. As the saying goes: gold has a price, jewelry is priceless. This shows that the value of jewelry is sometimes difficult to measure in monetary terms. It is precious because of its bright color, durability, small and rare size.


    Although more than 3,000 kinds of minerals have been found in nature, only 230 kinds can be used as raw materials for gemstones. The main middle and high grade stones in the international jewelry market are only more than 20 kinds, still less than 10%. Gemstones are valued for their beauty, rarity, and durability, such as a diamond that lasts forever. People also used to pass it down from generation to generation as a "family heirloom".


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