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The Urban Dictionary of available ragdoll kittens for sale

  • Attributes The name Ragdoll came about due to the typical misconception that these cats go completely limp when held. And in essence these animals are considered as ragdoll-like because they are thought to be pain-resistant, which naturally is false. These lovely cats, with Siamese-like markings and long fur, may have created the name Ragdoll considering that they're heftier than other housecats with their large frame. They also tend to be a few pounds heavier than the typical house cat, frequently weighing somewhere between 13-21 pounds.

    Ragdoll Cats come in six distinct colors and 3 patterns. The general colors include: light to medium grey, dark brown, soft orange-ish/tan, "dilutes" blue (resembles grey), lilac, and ivory/white. The three patterns are: Brown nose or face, ears, paws, and tail (referred to as pointers), no white Colored paws chin and belly, no white line on face. And two-tone - white paws, white stomach, reverse 'V' on face, and in some cases white patches on back. Alternate variations include "tortie-point" and lynx.

    Temperament It is common for a Ragdoll to be non-defensive in nature, and therefore ought to be kept indoors unless the owner intends on watching on their family pet outdoors. They aren't frequently singing and are easily inclined to forgive in the circumstances of being mistreated. Like most cats, when introduced and well familiarized with human beings from birth, they desire human friendship and are very affectionate. When at play, Ragdoll Cats are really gentle. They have a tendency to be dog-like in the truth that they often follow their owners around looking for attention.

    Brief History Ann Baker, a Persian cat breeder and the very first to hallmark the Ragdoll breed, selected a few Burmese-type felines (some with Siamese markings) to reproduce with one of her Persians. All Ragdoll cats today are descendants of that very first litter. This explains ragdoll siamese for sale why a few of these animals are mainly white with a few tan markings, some are ivory with a brown face, ears and paws, and some might even be totally brown or black. Baker took into account a feline's markings, functions, and easygoing character when picking for breeding.

    Care and grooming of Ragdoll's should be maintained similar to any other housecat; frequent combing of fur, great nutrition, routine play and veterinary visits.

    The RagDoll Cat type came about from the offspring of a semi-feral white Persian female whom was hurt when hit by a car and reproduced to a male Birman Cat. The debate is that the "breed" unwinds completely when gotten or held. The resulting floppy "RagDoll" appearance offers the breed its name. Some believe that this characteristic was handed down from the injured woman, whom may have suffered nerve damage, others disagree stating that it is not genetically possible. Little is called to why these felines are special in a lot of ways.

    The RagDoll is comparable in look to the Birman, except for the heavier body develop and absence of inform tale white "gloves". Varieties include the Bicolor RagDoll, with a pale body, dark markings on the mask, ears, and tails (seal, chocolate, blue or lilac), and a white underside. Points refers to points of their functions such as ears, nose, paws and tail. Colorpoints have points in the same colors and Mitted RagDolls are the very same as Colorpoint but with white front paws. Colors include chocolate, seal with varying tones of brown, blue (which is tones of grey) and lilac which is more a rosy shade of beige. Some can be cream, blue/cream or flame (cream that is more reddish). The unusual Mink RagDolls have their coloring at birth, whereas the others are normally born white.

    The felines fur is complete and long, luxurious, but is not as long as much of the long haired types. They do not have an undercoat that makes for less shedding as well as easy upkeep and grooming. Their bodies are long and solid, although they go limp when gotten. They have medium legs, large round paws, and a long, medium tail. The head is a rounded wedge shape with a medium nose, totally developed cheeks, and small, round, mainly blue eyes, although green, green/blue and aqua are common in the mink RagDolls and the straight colored RagDolls can often have nonmatching eye colors. Ears are medium, rounded at the suggestions and tufted. These are big felines, with males typically going beyond 20 plus pounds.

    These Cats have an extremely docile personality, sluggish to develop and don't reach full maturity till 3 to 4 years of age. Perhaps that is why they stay rather spirited well beyond the kitten phases. They are "lovers", not fighters and really trusting of others that they might not acknowledge danger. Finest matched to the indoors, the RagDoll has an exceptionally high tolerance to discomfort so that injuries can go unnoticed. These huge fluffy felines are calm and like harmony. They also like dogs, especially big pets. They hit it off with other family pets and make wonderful animals for children. They are frequently described as the "pup cat" in that they will follow one around just like a puppy. They are likewise very trainable.

    RagDolls are big, sweet tempered, family oriented felines, making them the purrfect pet for lots of houses.

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