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Under What Infertility Conditions IVF With ICSI Is Required

  • Infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant even after a year of trying without contraception. The main reasons can be poor lifestyle changes, fast urbanization, hormonal changes, job pressures, stress, vehicular pollution, deferring parenting, and other proven medical conditions. Infertility isn't gender-specific; both men and women may bear equal responsibility for it. Male infertility, just like female infertility, is also a growing issue that has widened its reach and has impacted many young couples.

    However, male infertility doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to conceive. With the help of ever-growing medical advancements and technologies, male infertility can be treated.


    Factors Affecting Fertility in Men


    In order to conceive, the fusion of man’s sperm and woman’s egg is essential. If there is male infertility, sperm might not reach the egg and fertilization won’t happen. In other cases, if man’s sperm are of low quality, it can hamper sperm penetration into an egg. 

    These are the most common factors that may require infertility treatment -


    • Low sperm count
    • Poor quality sperm
    • Malformed sperm
    • Varicocele (enlargement of veins in the scrotum)
    • Chronic health problems like Diabetes, Hypertension, etc.
    • Stress & Depression
    • Genetic Disease
    • High Consumption of alcohol
    • Environmental causes (Excess exposure to heat and harmful toxicants)
    • Hormonal disorders

    What is IVF with ICSI For Male Infertility Treatment?


    In vitro fertilization (IVF)  is the most effective infertility and widely used treatment option for couples if there are multiple infertility factors such as low sperm count and damaged fallopian tube or ovulation disorder in a female partner. During the IVF process, the ovaries are stimulated with fertility medications to produce eggs. The mature eggs are then retrieved using a needle when they are ready. Fertilization is done by exposing the eggs to a partner's sperm in a culture dish. The resulting embryo is either placed back in the woman’s uterus to achieve pregnancy or otherwise, gets frozen for future attempts or as per the couple’s personal decision.

    In some IVF cases, your healthcare provider might also recommend Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatment along with conventional IVF.

    ICSI Treatment is a technique that is done as a part of the IVF procedure where the quality sperm are extracted surgically and physically injected into an egg after the mature egg is retrieved during IVF. ICSI IVF procedures are recommended for couples who are facing multiple factor infertility.

    The only difference between IVF and ICSI treatment is the method of fertilization of an egg. In ICSI treatment a single sperm cell is selected and injected into the egg to increase the chances of developing an embryo. Whereas, in IVF treatment, the man's sperm and egg are placed in a petri dish for fertilization on their own.


    IVF With ICSI Step by Step Procedure



    • Stimulation of Ovaries



    The procedure starts with the stimulation of the ovaries to produce more mature eggs. Fertility medications are used to support the reproductive hormones like follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) & Luteinizing hormone (LH) that trigger ovulation and release of an egg.



    • Egg Retrieval & Sperm Collection



    A surgical procedure is carried out using suction and with the help of a needle to retrieve mature eggs from the ovaries. Also, the male partner is required to provide the semen.



    • ICSI Fertilization



    Using ICSI, your embryologist will use a thin micropipette to carefully select a normal-shaped and fast-moving sperm from the provided semen sample, and inject that selected sperm directly into a mature egg.



    • Embryo Transfer



    The fusion of egg and sperm creates an embryo or embryos which are either transferred to the uterus to achieve pregnancy or can be frozen based on multiple factors and your personal decision.

    Conditions Under which ICSI treatment is Required


    In general, if there are sperm-related issues or multiple factor infertility, IVF treatment along with ICSI is a good option to increase the success rate of IVF. Your fertility doctor may run some male infertility tests and recommend ICSI treatment in the following cases -


    • Low sperm motility 
    • A genetic condition that affects sperm quality
    • Low Sperm count
    • Abnormally shaped sperm
    • You've had failed IVF cycle before because none or very few eggs were fertilized
    • You’re using frozen sperm in your treatment which isn’t of the highest quality
    • You have a disease or injury that prevents sperm from reaching the ejaculate


    In such cases, IVF along with ICSI is considered the best option, as it helps the good sperm cells reach the egg and penetrate it, which increases the chances of an embryo developing and, in the end, a successful pregnancy. Dealing with male infertility doesn't mean you'll never be able to live your dream of parenthood. Treatment for male infertility is constantly evolving with modern technologies, which are contributing to its higher success rate. Consult with a fertility specialist at Crysta IVF to know more about the process and cost of ICSI in Delhi.


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