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Learn about Women's Hair Loss Bethesda

  • Androgenetic https://www.washingtonpost.com/newssearch/?query=Traction Alopecia Hair Transplantation Alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in women and what happens is new hair shafts grow in thinner, progressively. Hair loss can be aggravated or caused by vitamin deficiency and you should be aware of what you can do to supplement your diet to help stop hair loss.

    Another cause of hair loss is called traction alopecia and is a type of hair loss caused by reduce hair loss excessive tension and pulling on the roots and strands of hair. Predominantly seen in African American females and women who wear tight or damaging hair styles the hair loss on the edges typically hair transplant for women leaves “peach fuzz” or fully bald in the front corners & edges.

    If you would like to know more about our hair transplant surgery start by calling one of our hair transplant specialists on 844-327-4247. Visit our website at https://naturaltransplants.com with hair transplant photos showing the results our traction alopecia hair transplant, videos and additional information that can guide you along in your hair loss restoration journey.

    Can I finance my hair transplant and how much will it cost per month?

    While we do not directly finance your hair transplant, we accept most credit cards and financing options are available through the approved lenders listed below.

    Finance hair transplant?

    Rather than having to postpone your surgery, financing allows you to get your hair back now and pay later.

    HCS (becoming Ally Lending) offers hair transplant financing including zero percent interest for 6 months and 12-60 month terms starting at 9.99%.

    CareCredit has flexible financing options including 6 months of interest-free financing and 24-60 month terms with no prepayment penalties.

    If you are seeking a permanent hair loss solution that's guaranteed to change the way you look call us toll-free at 844-327-4247 and have a risk-free conversation with a hair restoration expert.

    Click here "Learn more" and get free information about hair transplant costs, finance options, procedures, and setting realistic expectations.

    In Bethesda, MD call 301-841-6005 to learn about financing your hair transplant.

    What do we charge per hair graft?

    We receive many inquiries daily from prospective hair loss patients who want quotes on our per hair graft price for hair restoration.

    For a true comparison, it’s impossible to base a decision on a per hair graft price unless you know the number of hairs per graft, which varies by clinic. The better question to ask is how many hairs will you receive from one hair transplant?

    In a single hair graft scenario, 3,000 grafts equal 3,000 hairs. In a double hair graft scenario, 3,000 grafts equal 6,000 hairs. Most people have no idea how many hairs per graft doctors and hair restoration clinics fue hair transplant are providing when comparing the real cost per hair.

    Unlike our exclusive High-Yield Unit Extraction® technique with results up to 12,000 hairs in just one session, the FUE process can norwood 6 hair transplant only give you 4,000 hairs. That may not be enough hair to achieve the look you're looking for and you may need additional procedures.

    Call 844-327-4247 today to schedule a free hair restoration consultation. Learn how we achieve unprecedented density for our hair loss patients by visiting https://naturaltransplants.com/.

    Take a look at the monthly payment examples: Click HERE

    What is Traction Alopecia? Traction alopecia is a type of hair loss caused by excessive tension and pulling on the roots and strands of hair. Predominantly seen in Black females and women who wear tight or damaging hairstyles the hair loss pattern typically leaves “peach fuzz” or fully bald areas in the front, corners & edges. Traction Alopecia can be permanent or temporary.

    Traction alopecia hair loss can be stopped and your edges repaired. You will notice that the majority of the hair loss is in the front and these usually are pulled on the most and are therefore subject to alopecia results. Traction alopecia's hair loss can be stopped and your edges repaired.

    Are you suffering serious hair loss due to traction alopecia? Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution to hair loss due to traction alopecia.

    To learn more about having your edges restore call 844-327-4247 and visit https://naturaltransplants.com. It has 100's of hair transplant photos and videos showing the before and after results our traction hair growth formula alopecia hair transplant and information that can guide you along in your hair loss restoration journey.

    At Natural Transplants our friendly and knowledgeable traction alopecia regrowth surgeons are available to supply classification and discuss alopecia cure natural hair transplant options FREE of charge.

    You no longer have to worry about thinning edges from Traction Alopecia thanks to Natural Transplants.

    Stating the obvious, Logan is enthusiastically pleased with her hair, and comments on how many areas of her life are effected positively, saving her time and money. Before her hair transplant, she never imagined having her hairline fully restored.

    Natural Transplants' medical doctors want you to know that traction alopecia hair loss can be stopped, your edges can be repaired and restored with no undetectable scar. Often patients tell us their hair transplant was a life-changing experience for them and would recommend a hair restoration to those in need.

    Are you suffering hair loss due to traction alopecia? Traction alopecia hair loss can be stopped and your edges can be repaired and restored using your own natural hair.

    If you are one of the many women are suffering from serious hair loss due to how much tension you may have placed on the roots of your hair through weaving, cornrows and harsh chemicals. Our patients notice that the majority of their hair loss is in the front and because it's these areas, on the front and sides are pulled the hardest, it's where the most serious damage has been done.

    Call 844-327-4247 and learn more about our hair loss solutions for black women suffering from the effects of traction alopecia.

    Watch these videos below to see our other patients' hair restoration procedures. Learn about hair growth timeline after hair transplants to repair the edges due to the pressure and tugging from traction!

    Have questions? Get answers.

    Why should I choose Natural Transplants over another hair transplant doctor or hair restoration clinic?

    Here are the top 3 reasons to choose Natural Transplants for your hair transplant surgery:

    1) Our team of highly-trained doctors and technicians all have years of experience and are dedicated to performing ONLY hair transplant procedures.

    2) We guarantee that our doctors and technicians will give you 100% focus and attention during the hair restoration procedure. You are the only patient of the day!

    3) Our hair transplant clinic can achieve up to $16-7 hairs per graft; significantly more than hair restoration competitors.

    Do you know that hair loss in men and women is common?  In the US alone there are approximately 56 million men and women who are experiencing various types of hair loss and baldness. So we've added the photo below to show the hair transplant before and after hair replacement surgery results.


    With over a 98% success rate, Natural Transplants, Hair Restoration Clinic is the

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