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What Is Synthetic Data For Machine Learning Model Training?


    As the world becomes increasingly data-driven, businesses are relying more on machine learning models to make accurate predictions and decisions. However, training machine learning models requires vast amounts of high-quality data, which can be difficult and expensive to obtain. This is where synthetic data comes in. In this blog post, we will explore what synthetic data is, how it is generated, and its benefits for businesses. 

    To understand what is Business Intelligence, to be precise, means the technologies, strategies, and practices used by businesses to analyze, integrate, and present data in a meaningful way. Business Intelligence tools like Grow’s helps organizations make informed decisions by providing insights into the company's performance and identifying areas for improvement. One of the most popular providers of BI services, platforms, and tools includes Grow. 

    The Role of Data in Machine Learning Models

    The importance of data is undeniable. It forms the basis of machine learning models. The more data is available, the more accurate the model will likely be. However, obtaining high-quality data can be challenging, as it must be diverse, representative, and accurately labeled. Additionally, privacy concerns can make it difficult to access certain types of data, such as medical or financial data.  

    What is Synthetic Data?

    Synthetic data is artificially generated data that mimics the statistical properties of real-world data. It is created using algorithms and statistical models trained on actual data to learn the underlying patterns and relationships. The algorithms then generate new data that is statistically similar to the original data but contains no real-world information. This can be done in various ways, such as using generative adversarial networks (GANs), variational autoencoders (VAEs), or other machine learning techniques.

    One of the advantages of synthetic data is that it can be generated in large quantities, quickly and cheaply used in Business Intelligence services, without any privacy concerns. Moreover, synthetic data can be customized to simulate different scenarios and can help overcome limitations such as data scarcity, data imbalance, or data bias. For example, synthetic data can be used in the healthcare industry to train machine learning models on medical imaging data without violating patient privacy.

    How Can Businesses Benefit From BI Platforms Using Synthetic Data?

    There are several ways in which businesses can benefit from Business Intelligence tools using synthetic data at the helm:

    Overcoming data limitations: Synthetic data can be used to overcome hurdles such as data scarcity, data imbalance, or data bias. For example, a company that wants to develop a facial recognition system for people with disabilities may not have enough real-world data. Synthetic data can be used to generate more data, representing different disability types and diverse ethnicities to ensure the system is accurate and inclusive.

    Generating large amounts of data: Synthetic data can generate large amounts of data quickly and cheaply. This is particularly useful in situations where data collection is expensive or time-consuming. For example, a self-driving car company can use synthetic data to train its models on different road conditions and scenarios without needing a fleet of actual vehicles. 

     Business Intelligence platforms can quickly connect to multiple data sources and also generate reports which can streamline decision-making. 

    Improving data privacy and security: Synthetic data can be used to protect sensitive or confidential information. For example, a bank can use synthetic data to train its fraud detection models on financial transactions without exposing real customer data.

    Read here to take care of security measures in your Business Intelligence platforms. 

    Better accuracy: Synthetic data can be generated to closely resemble real-world data, which can help train ML models to make more accurate predictions. This is particularly useful when the volume of real-world data is limited or when real-world data is difficult or expensive to obtain.


    More efficient data processing: Synthetic data can be generated to include a wide range of possible scenarios, which can help improve data processing efficiency. For example, Business Intelligence services might use synthetic data to train an ML model to detect fraudulent transactions. By including a range of possible fraudulent scenarios in the synthetic data, the model can be better equipped to detect and flag potentially fraudulent transactions in real-time.


    Increased flexibility: Synthetic data can be generated on-demand, allowing BI platforms to quickly and easily generate new datasets for training ML models. This can speed up the development of new models or adapt existing models to changing business needs.


    Synthetic data is an innovative solution to the challenges of obtaining high-quality data for machine learning models. It can help businesses overcome data limitations, generate large amounts of data, and improve data privacy and security. With the development of more sophisticated algorithms and techniques, synthetic data can revolutionize not only machine-learning industry but BI industry as well to make them more accessible to a broader range of businesses.

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