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Unlock the Power Of Business Intelligence Data Visualization

  • The importance of data in business is undeniable. Data visualization within Business Intelligence technologies is a powerful tool that allows businesses to turn raw data into actionable insights. Presenting data in a visual format makes it easier for decision-makers to understand, interpret and take action based on the information.

    However, many businesses fail to unlock the power of Business Intelligence data visualization fully. They may collect data but not know how to present it as meaningful or useful. In this blog post, we will explore the how to unlock the power of of BI data visualization and use it to gain a competitive edge effectively.

    Business Intelligence Data Visualization: How to Use Its Power 


    1. Data that can be seen is processed faster

    Text is much harder and slower to understand and process than images. Researchers at the Pennsylvania School of Medicine say that the human retina can send information at a rate of about 10 million bits per second

    The idea of how quickly our brains can recognize images and figure out what they mean is used in data visualization. Also, you guessed it, visual imagery is one of the most important things that helps our brains recognize patterns. So, in this way, Business Intelligence data visualization helps us see how data fits together to play to our natural strengths. We may not understand complex statistical models or things like "R squared" values just by looking at them, but we are very good at finding patterns in visual displays.

    In a world where people get too much information, visuals within Grow dashboard help businesses quickly process and sort out what's important.

    2. Data Visualization Dashboards help people who learn by seeing

    Even though 90% of the information that comes into the brain is visual, everyone learns differently. Some people learn by doing, while others learn by listening. 65 percent of the population, on the other hand, learn best through seeing. Data visualization and Business Intelligence technologies make it easy to understand what is being shown quickly. To know more, search Grow Pricing 2022 Capterra

    Since the time of spreadsheets, modern technology has turned information from boring spreadsheets into charts and graphs that are easy to understand. Online business data visualization is a way to show data visually and learn from it.

    Anyone, from salespeople to CEOs, will benefit greatly from quickly getting a feel for what's happening in the company. Try our executive dashboards to experience the growth for yourself. 


    3. Tools for visualizing data show insights that aren't always clear in traditional reports

    If everyone in the company is used to looking at dashboard reports and data visualizations, it can help get a clearer picture of the organization. The purpose of data visualization tools is just that. 

    Once your organization figures out what information and key performance indicators (KPIs) they want to see in a visual format, CRM can make the visuals. Some examples of data visualization reports are sales by period, sorted by salesperson or product, deals in the pipeline, sorted by individual accounts, call time per customer, and deals closed by sales rep. 

    Grow’s marketing dashboards, the Feel Good Lab, is planning to increase its ad budget and perform some site optimizations, so it is crucial that they have access to accurate information about what is working, what isn't, and what needs the most work

    4. Data visualization shows things that can be done

    Business Intelligence data visualization could help your organization see where it could do better and where it is doing well. By figuring out what went well and what could be done better, you can come up with things to do.

    For example, if your sales team knows that for every X number of calls, Y number of sales will happen, making a visual report based on calls per sales rep and progress to call goal is a good way to get them to meet their call quota. In the same way, a pipeline report that shows where each deal is in the sales pipeline lets sales teams know what they need to do next

    Grow’s marketing reporting dashboard shows how purchasing patterns are tracked and marketing decisions are made with the help of Feel Good Lab's website performance dashboard.


    5. Data visualization boosts sales and productivity

    Being able to visualize data produces real results. When you save time making up-to-date reports, the whole company works better. 

    When businesses use data visualization with Business Intelligence technologies, it helps their bottom line. In a study of businesses worldwide, only 26% of the businesses that responded used data visualization. Most of these companies, though, were growing their sales the fastest and planned to put even more money into data visualization in the coming year.


    Closing Words-

    Use Grow’s Data Visualization to Identify Trends

    A key part of using data insights to improve performance is to use data visualization to find trends. Seeing trends by sales rep, by quarter, by year, or by SKU gives a better idea of how the company is doing and lets actions be taken to keep good trends going and turn around bad ones.

    Grow’s Data visualization tools lets organizations take advantage of the fact that humans are more likely to recognize and understand pictures than words. Because the brain can recognize and remember images, our Business Intelligence data visualization tools help teams see insights that may have been missed, make actionable items, and ultimately increase sales.


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