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How Are No Code BI Software Tools Useful To Data Citizens?

  • Even though everyone wants a data-driven culture, it is almost impossible to give everyone access to vast amounts of data because many tools and resources are needed to work with data effectively. Even though we have access to raw data, today's technologies require specific skills and coding knowledge to turn the data into insights. 


    No code BI software tools and the rise of the "data citizen" have made data resources that were once out of reach for most people available to them. 


    Find out what a "data citizen" is, why companies use them, and why you should welcome no code BI tools


    Who Is a "Data Citizen"? 


    A "data citizen" is a company worker with access to sensitive company data and knows how to use big data methods and technologies. 


    A rise in data businesses has changed how their employees and managers do their jobs because the amount of data available has grown exponentially. To scale the use of data and build a data-driven company, team members must have access to tools and training that teach them how to use data in a responsible way that takes data integrity and governance into account.


    Why Would You Want No-Code BI Software?


    When something works, it's better to keep it simple. When you use a no-code BI solution that doesn't require you to write any code, you open up a world of possibilities for exploring data and getting insights from it. Here's how the no-code BI software from Grow can help: 


    1.You don't have to hire a data engineer to get your data. You can do it yourself. 

    In traditional data pipelines, extracting and cleaning data to get insights requires many different solutions and custom coding. It's a big problem for a lot of organizations, and it's a big problem for traditional data pipelines. No code BI software tools makes it easier to connect to data and avoids the need to store more data. 


    With Grow, you can connect to your data in a few different ways. Drop your CSV, Excel, JSON, and other files into your dataflow. Use an integration or plugin to get your data updated in real-time. Currently, Grow offers built-in connectors for Salesforce, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Copper, and Pipedrive. Here, you can see all of the available integrations


    2.Look at your data and see the effects of the changes and the way it is displayed right away. 

    By removing multiple steps and tools, you can see the changes to your data immediately. Make notes on your dataflow in places where you may need more help or aren't sure about your work. So, you can work with the data experts on your teams much more easily and quickly to get the information you need. 


    3.Make it easy to get insights from a wide range of data sources. 

    You may have heard of merging or adding to data. It's the process of connecting to different data sets to find out more about the data you're looking at. Spread The Vote's regional operational dashboard focuses on five states: Georgia, Virginia, Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. They hope to grow their organization to help all states that need it.


    4.You can use data analysts to help you build a library of data flows and reports that can be used repeatedly. 

    No one likes rework. When using custom solutions, you have to build new systems whenever you want to analyze data. But with Grow’s no-code BI tools, everything you do to connect and change data can be used again and again. 


    All you have to do is change the data sources or pull in the most recent data from your integration, and then you have a data flow and report that you can use repeatedly. Just change it to fit the needs of that project, and you're done. Instead of building a new pipeline for each insight, use your skills to help build a library or app that can be used again and again. 


    To learn more, visit Grow.com Reviews & Product Details G2


    5.Spend less time figuring out how to use programs and more time getting new ideas

    Adding to a standard data stack is a lot of work. At every step of the data stack, research, buy-in, testing, and other things are needed. Also, these data stacks need more work to keep up and quickly become outdated. By eliminating the need for a big data stack, your team can focus on what's most important: looking through data for insights that can be used to move your business forward. 


    Key Takeaways 


    Build your data culture by using Grow’s no-code BI solution that doesn't require writing any code. This lets "data citizens" explore data and use it to help them make critical decisions every day. 


    By letting data citizens focus on analyzing data for everyday use, experts can look into other ways to use data and move data culture forward.

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