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No-Code Business Intelligence Solution For Data Stories

  • Timely, relevant, and correct data is the backbone of successful BI storytelling. Data preparation for analysis often entails lengthy data mining, cleaning, and sharing periods. But even if you do everything right, you still can be surprised by the outcome. In any case, getting it can be challenging. 


    But what if there was an easier way? What if it wasn't such a struggle to acquire accurate information right when you need it? What if we tell you that a no-code Business Intelligence solution is your answer?


    What if you could use that information to build narratives influencing organizational choices? 

    A new era of data stories is here, with no-code Business Intelligence tools 


    When it comes to Business Intelligence (BI), story apps powered using no-code Business Intelligence software are the ones that tell the most compelling stories. They answer crucial business questions, direct the examination of data, and augment conventional business procedures. 


    A no-code Business Intelligence platform has everything developers and non-developers need to create apps quickly and easily without writing any code. 


    Business practices are evolving to accommodate the rising popularity of no-code Business Intelligence tools. This blog will provide all the information you require relating to the no-code Business Intelligence platform. 


    The importance of data can not be overlooked. 


    Let’s see why do we need data

    Why does data matter today, more than ever?


    Data has always been crucial. But in today's data-driven society, it is vital. To make sound decisions, businesses require reliable data. 


    However, reliable information is often challenging to collect. Hours of effort are needed, and there still needs to be an assurance that the results will be reliable. Here's where story apps that don't require coding come in handy. 


    No-code Business Intelligence tools offering data stories simplify data collection and story creation. Get the information you need without delay or difficulty. In addition, the data is reliable and up-to-date because no-code data stories are founded on a reliable BI platform. 

    How to create data stories using no-code Business Intelligence software?


    No-code story apps can enormously positively affect your company when used correctly. 

    1. Collect information 

    When it comes to data collection, no-code Business Intelligence software, and apps really shine. This software allows you to aggregate information from numerous channels, such as social media, website analytics, and customer relationship management databases


    Be sure to categorize and efficiently retrieve information as you compile it. This will facilitate data analysis and narrative development. You can then use this information to help guide your business in the right direction. 

    2. Use analysis and reporting


    When it comes to analysis and reporting, no-code Business Intelligence platform shine. It's simple and fast to write reports on a wide range of topics using these tools. 

    Always use the best app for the job at hand. Consider utilizing a data visualization app the next time you need to compile a report based on numerical information, such as sales figures. A survey app is recommended if you need to compile a report based on responses from your clientele. 

    3. Augment regular company systems


    Common enterprise procedures can also benefit from using a no-code Business Intelligence solution. You can use a task management app to keep track of assignments and due dates or a time tracking app to monitor how much time employees spend on specific projects. 


    Consider all the essential points until you find the one that best suits your company's needs because the opportunities are practically limitless. 

    4. Create a distinct advantage 


    It's great that no-code Business Intelligence tools can now be used to give your business an edge. These apps make it simple and fast to develop unique software solutions. 


    In addition to setting you apart from the competition, this will also help you provide superior service to your clientele. The possibilities are endless if you can make your own dashboards whenever possible. 


    Grow’s  no-code Business Intelligence solution is an excellent tool for collecting information, resolving crucial business questions, and analyzing direct data. They can be modified to meet your unique requirements and are user-friendly and scalable. You're leaving money on the table by not taking advantage of the many benefits of no-code BI tools for your company. 


    Businesses that invest in no-code story apps will have a leg up on their rivals. There is no denying the strength of data, and no-code BI is the ideal tool for extracting maximum value from it. 

    To know more, read Grow Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2022.

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