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Why You Should combine your solar panels with Tesla Powerwall

  • Introduction:

    What is Tesla Powerwall?

    Tesla Powerwall is a battery pack paired with solar panels to store energy. You can consider it an alternative or backup to power your home at night or when the grid is down. It takes your renewable energy to another level. It is not

    a compulsion to install solar panels with  tesla battery, but it can help you save much more than an ordinary solar system.

    Reasons to combine solar panels with a Tesla?

    1)Protection against Blackout

    If you use traditional energy forms, you will not get an electricity supply and will lose power in case of an outage. If you have combined solar panels with tesla battery, your home or business will always have energy and never go into darkness. Tesla Powerwall has sensors to automatically detect outages in the grid and activate itself. It has to potential to continuously provide power to your home for a week, unlike traditional fossil-fueled generators, which only used to last about a day.


    2)Better alternative to Traditional Generators

    Traditional generators used to work with the help of fossil fuels, and fossil fuels are not renewable, so their usage led to the exploitation of natural resources. Also, it could not be a powerhouse for longer, so places with constant power cuts due to bad weather or other reasons could not use these generators. Tesla Powerwall ensures power storage for a longer period.


    3)Generate energy independently

    Solar panels with  tesla battery help you generate your own power. It allows you to save all the money you used to pay to main grid companies supplying energy. The installation process of solar panels is hassle-free as you have free roof space. Tesla Powerwall provides you with an ideal return on investment. Above all, it is environmentally friendly, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It increases the value of your house, as your home is self-sufficient in producing its energy.

    It is an assurance of blackout-free life. Your household activities will never be disturbed, and there will be no power-related damages.


    4) Time-based control

    The Tesla Powerwall has great features like energy-saving modes. This feature offers significant benefits if you live in areas with heavy grid tariff plans and provides mobile apps to check your real-time energy usage. The app allows you to manage your home's energy by changing the setting from anywhere in the world.


    5)V2G capability and EV Charging

    The usage of electric vehicles is steadily increasing all over the world. This will eventually increase the electricity consumption and the charges associated with it. But if you have installed solar panels with  tesla battery, you will have enough energy to charge this vehicle without dependence on the grid for power supply. You can contribute to eliminating carbon gas in the atmosphere, and at the same time, you will save a lot. Vehicle to Grid technology helps to charge Electric vehicles, so it is one of the primary reasons to install Tesla Powerall.



    Installation of solar panel with tesla battery offers you long-term savings on grid company bills. It ensures the stability of power and independence from electricity providers. If you are considering installing Tesla Powerall, Halcol is ideal for providing you with the best before and after-sale services.


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