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Solar Energy Advantages For Australian Business Owners

  • The advantages of solar energy over fossil fuels are becoming more and more obvious. Commercial solar installation gives a chance for companies wishing to modernise their approach to energy use while future-proofing their financial line, in addition to the compelling environmental case for its adoption.


    Here are the benefits to solar panels for commercial use.



    Your corporate responsibility and earning the "green" designation are the most important factors. If your company uses solar energy, it will consume less fossil fuel and emit fewer greenhouse gases, lowering its carbon footprint. It benefits both the environment and business. In fact, it will help your company save money on running expenses while simultaneously acting as a powerful marketing tool.

    Increases the value of properties

    According to studies,solar power for business commanded higher prices for their products than those without them. The price premium you can obtain for solar systems exceeds the initial capital expenditure.

    Fantastic Return on Investment

    Due to the year-round sunshine in Australia, particularly in Queensland, purchasing a solar system is a sensible and profitable business move. In fact, a decrease in the price of solar panels will increase the revenue for your company. Your company will benefit from a quick payback and long-term benefits from a solar energy investment.

    Tax Credits, Rebates, and Incentives

    Benefit from local, state, and federal tax incentives. To assist you in making a valuable investment in the energy future of your company, the Australian government is offering considerable incentives. Before choosing not to use commercial solar power, be sure you comprehend these incentives.

    "GREEN" CREDENTIALS” Builds Your Reputation

    The PR advantages that solar energy can provide to your company are a less obvious but nonetheless significant return on investment. Businesses can highlight solar power systems' quantifiable impact on the global decrease of CO2 in the atmosphere in their corporate marketing materials and communications. As a result, your company's reputation as being socially conscious, ecologically conscious, progressive, and future-oriented may improve.

    Many companies are figuring out how to use their environmental stewardship to their advantage when responding to tenders and submitting contract bids. This can be supported by a variety of sector-specific sustainability accreditation and certification schemes; for instance, take a look at the recommendations made for the validation of green credentials in the tourism sector by the Victorian state government.

    GOVT. Incentives Implement Faster Returns On Investment


    The federal and state governments offer a number of financial incentives that reduce the cost of commercial solar systems.


    Certificates In Small-Scale Technology (STCS)

    The federal government introduced Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs), a traded commodity. When a specific and certified energy-saving operation (such building a business solar system) is finished, these certificates are created at their current trading price. Once registered, the certificates can be made available to the purchaser as a discount on the system they are buying. Keep in mind that the Renewable Energy Target (RET), the initiative under which the present certificate programmes are run, is almost complete. In 2020, the Federal Government will end the programme, making this type of certificate obsolete.

    Victorian New South Wales Solar Energy Rebates

    There are other comparable, state-specific certificate trading programmes for other energy efficiency projects including LED lighting upgrades, such as the Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificate (VEEC) and the NSW's Energy Saving Certificate (ESC). These can enable a transition away from grid reliance in conjunction with a commercial benefits to solar panels. 


    Fastening Tariffs

    Feed-in tariffs are programmes managed by state and territory governments in Australia. These programmes make businesses eligible to receive payments for solar system excess energy that is exported to the main grid. You may learn more about Victoria's feed-in tariff scheme, for instance, here.


    Agreements for environmental upgrades

    Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs) are a council-based financing method used in Victoria and New South Wales that improves access to long-term financing for environmental improvements, including the installation of solar power for business systems, to existing commercial and non-residential buildings on favourable terms.

    Use Halcol Energy solar power for business

    You're not the only one if all of this has you persuaded that solar energy is the future for your company. Halcol can assist you in reimagining the energy system in your commercial facility. Halcol has helped to develop future-ready businesses across Australia.

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