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How would you purchase Bitcoin fast and instant?

  • Bitcoin is poised to rally up in the end quarter of 2022 and the early quarter of 2023. A panel of crypto experts had even predicted that the king of crypto might reach the coveted $100,000 mark in the coming few months. As of today (October 2022) bitcoin is trading at the price of $20000. So, if you want to make the most of the surging BTC prices in the near future, it’s better to buy BTC now. And, you have to act fast. But can you buy bitcoins instantly online here? Well, you will be glad to know that there are ways to purchase BTC in just a few minutes.

    The crypto market is infamously and famously volatile; the market often swings from red to green and vice versa in just a few days. So, if you are aspiring to crack a great deal in the crypto market, you cannot delay. If you already hold crypto holdings, then, just focus on the right time to trade them off. But, if you are about to purchase and/or add new shares to your existing BTC holdings to attain higher returns, it’s better not to wait for too long. Bottom line is, you will have to buy bitcoins instantly online here.

    Good thing is, there are more than one ways to buy bitcoins instantly. The post below offers a brief on the different ways to purchase Bitcoins in just a few minutes.

    Credit card

    If you are acquainted with the payment methods of crypto exchanges, you are aware that credit cards are one of the most popular payment methods. One of the major reasons behind it is that credit cards allow you to buy bitcoins instantly online here.

    It takes no more than a few minutes to receive Bitcoins in your wallet once you confirm your purchase with a credit card. But, before you proceed to buy bitcoins instantly online here with a credit card, just make sure your card provider allows payment in crypto exchanges.

    Here are the steps to be followed to buy bitcoins instantly online here with a credit card.

    Step 1

    Register with  crypto exchange

    Find a reliable crypto exchange and sign up with the platform to buy bitcoins instantly online here.

    Step 2

    Verify account

    The exchange platform will verify the identity of every new user before permitting the registration process. You will have to submit identity proof backed by the government. Submit all the needed details and wait for verification. If the verification is approved, you will receive a confirmation mail from the exchange.

    Step 3

    Choose payment method

    The next step is to select a payment method to buy bitcoins instantly online here. Find “Payment Methods”. Then, click on that tab.

    Now, you should know that a crypto exchange enables users to utilize multiple types of payment methods. But, as you have plans to buy bitcoins instantly online here, you will have to use a credit card. Click on add card and select credit card.

    Step 4

    Card details

    You will have to enter the needed details related to your card to buy bitcoin instantly online here.

    Now, you have two options. One, you can save the card details. The other is you can just enter to purchase for the time being and not save the details. Since exchanges are often the target of hackers, it’s better not to save the details. Also, you won’t need to use the card every single time you purchase crypto from the exchange. Credit card payments are costly compared to other payment methods. So, it’s better to use the card only when you are in a rush. It’s because no other payment method can offer that instant service.

    Step 5

    Buy with credit card

    Now, you can finally buy bitcoins instantly online here with a credit card.

    Search for the “Buy/Sell” area and select it. You will be asked to choose the preferred crypto as well as enter the needed amount. Once you have entered the details, check all the data you have entered. If you are satisfied, confirm your order, and then just click on “Complete Buy”.

    You will receive your desired amount of Bitcoin in your exchange wallet in just a few seconds.

    Bitcoin ATM

    You can also receive Bitcoin instantly through Bitcoin ATMs. Good thing is, these ATMs are rising in number at a massive scale every passing year. As of 2022, you have nearly 35,000 BTC ATMs from just 15,000 in 2020. Here are the steps to follow to purchase Bitcoin from an ATM. The only thing is that you need to have a crypto wallet beforehand as the BTC you will buy would be sent directly to the crypto wallet. So, if you have not registered with a wallet yet, you must get it done before reaching the ATM.

    Here is a brief on purchasing BTC from a Bitcoin ATM-

    Step 1

    Find BTC ATM

    Let’s assume that you have already signed up with a reliable BTC wallet. Now, let’s find a BTC ATM. There are crypto ATM finders online. You will just have to enter your postal code or address and the site will come up with a list of BTC ATMs in and around the neighborhood. You will also get a map so that you can locate the ATM easily.

    Step 2

    Scan code

    After you enter the ATM, tap on the touchscreen. You will be prompted to choose the desired crypto. Then, you will have to look for the unique QR code of your wallet address. Find it on the phone and point it towards the camera of the ATM  machine. The camera will scan the code to find your crypto wallet address

    Step 3

    Purchase BTC

    When the code has been scanned, the ATM will ask for CAD bills. Insert the needed bills and then confirm the desired amount of BTC you want this time. Complete the buying process. The ATM is most likely to charge a service fee.

    Finally, check the wallet after a couple of hours to see whether or not you have received the needed coins.

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