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What paper requirements for magazine printing?

  • Magazines are kind of timely reading, and it gets update relatively quickly. There have monthly magazine, quarterly magazine, and yearly magazine. According to certain editorial guidelines, it collects and publishes the works of many authors.


    A beautiful magazine is enough to attract people's attention, but good content and design are not enough. A good magazine has great requirements in terms of paper, design, content, typesetting, etc. So what are the paper requirements for magazine printing?

    In fact, the choice of paper for magazine printing depends on the requirements of printing quality, as follows:

    1. Generally speaking, high-end clothing and life-themed magazines mostly use coated paper or intermediate coated paper with a weight of �?0 grams;
    2. High-quality monthly and professional magazines use medium-coated paper and high-whiteness light-coated paper, with a weight �?0 grams;
    3. Monthly and weekly magazines of general quality often use high-white light-coated paper or light-coated paper, with a weight of �?0 grams;
    4. Weekly and comprehensive magazines with large circulation generally use lightly coated paper and calendered paper, with a weight of �?5 grams.


    On the other hand, there are the following rules in the selection of weight:

    1. For high-circulation magazines and product catalogs, 36-54 grams of paper are generally used;
    2. A higher-quality monthly magazine is 60-80 grams;
    3. Professional magazines and customer magazines are 65-150 grams;
    4. High-quality magazines are 75-115 grams.

    In addition, for the selection of magazine printing paper, the following matters should be noted:

    1. Paper inspection

    The cutting quality of magazine printing paper directly affects the smooth progress of paper feeding and the preparation of regular positioning. The cutting quality of paper should be checked before stacking paper. The cutting requirements of printing paper: The four corners of the paper should be right angles, and the size error of the four sides should be less than 2mm, and the broken paper should be excluded. If it is found that there is a bulge, it should be carefully checked to prevent debris from entering the printing machine and damaging the printing plate, blanket and machine.

    1. Stacking paper, also known as paper loading, refers to the process of neatly stacking the paper or semi-finished products to be printed on the stacking table. The grips of the stacked paper stack and the positioning edges of the side gauges should be flat, without obvious unevenness, and the surface of the paper stack should be flat without obvious wave-shaped undulations. The purpose of the paper stack is to flatten the paper stack to meet the needs of smooth and high-speed continuous paper feeding. Stacking paper neatly is the most basic prerequisite for magazine prints.


    Different uses require different materials of paper, and different papers must be selected for different printings to be able to print good products. Due to the wide readership of the magazine, it has attracted many manufacturers to publish and promote their products and obtain expected profits. If you want to make a high-quality and cheap magazine printing in China, we will be your good choice.